Internet shreds Laura Ingraham after Fox News host claims Donald Trump is at risk of being ‘America’s first real political prisoner’

 Internet shreds Laura Ingraham after Fox News host claims Donald Trump is at risk of being ‘America’s first real political prisoner’
Laura Ingraham said Donald Trump is facing financial ruin and threats to family because 'despots' want to eliminate political opposition (@FoxNews/YouTube)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: In a thought-provoking segment on the February 19 episode of 'The Ingraham Angle', Fox News host Laura Ingraham raised a compelling question that reverberated across the political spectrum: "Is Donald Trump at risk of being America’s first real political prisoner?"

She said, "I thought a lot about this over the weekend. Now, with the unconscionable financial judgment in that New York civil fraud case, the Fani Willis debacle in Georgia, the efforts to knock Trump off state ballots and, of course, let’s not forget Jack Smith’s January 6th criminal prosecution, what else are Trump supporters supposed to think?"


Ingraham warns of Trump facing political persecution

The host continued, "Now, there are various ways that despots cling to power. Political opposition is eliminated through censorship of opposing views, intimidation of free thinkers through harassment, and also show trials, of course, and imprisonment of the opposition."

"That’s all part of it. And then there is always the threats to family members and financial ruin. Well, Donald Trump is facing all of that," Ingraham added. 

Ingraham continued by asserting that "had Trump just quietly retired from politics, none of us would have heard about Letitia or Fani or Jack," before drawing a comparison between Trump's treatment and political persecution in China and Russia.

"Russia and its Biden-era ally China, well they’re pros, aren’t they, at destroying dissent before it gets too powerful," remarked Ingraham.

Further highlighting her point, she said, "They’re brutally vicious and efficient. China subjugates and tortures Uyghur Muslims; Russia crushes the pro-freedom protesters, imprisons Navalny, and then announces his sudden death."

"Now anyone who challenges the ruling authority now knows the same fate can happen to them. And by the same token, loyalists who prove themselves, you know, to be real followers of the movement, well they get special privileges and accolades, and that’s exactly what the leaders of the Get Trump crew are hoping," she added. 

The Fox News host defended Trump stating, "They call him pro-Putin as they scramble to put him in jail, bankrupt him, and even come after his family."

She concluded, "This is not what America is supposed to be. This is Soviet-style political persecution."

Ingraham faces social media backlash

The reaction to Ingraham's comments was swift and largely unsupportive, sparking important conversations on the topic and drawing criticism for being insensitive or misinformed.

One commenter wrote, "She is attempting to sow the seeds of the nation’s destruction."


Another sarcastically remarked, "Nah. Donald’s boss, Soviet Dictator Vlad Putin will protect him. Quid pro quo."


"Laura Ingraham is MAGA. Therefore she is irrelevant," asserted another.


"Trump is not a political prisoner. He is a criminal who thought he could get away with anything," stated another commenter.


"No, but he is at risk of becoming America’s first convicted criminal ex-president," added another.



"What Fox News hosts say off air contradicts what they say on the air. Fake News phony hosts," voiced another critic.

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