Internet shreds 'Libs of TikTok' founder as she trashes Southwest Airlines for allowing 'massive obese guy' to take up half her seat

Internet shreds 'Libs of TikTok' founder as she trashes Southwest Airlines for allowing 'massive obese guy' to take up half her seat
Chaya Raichik posted an image of the supposed co-passenger while slamming Southwest Airlines (Fox News/YouTube, Chaya Raichik/X)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Chaya Raichik, the founder of the popular conservative 'Libs of TikTok' account, found herself at the center of yet another controversy after launching an online tirade against Southwest Airlines and an overweight passenger after a recent flight, as per New York Post.

Raichik, who has gained notoriety for her unrelenting attacks on the LGBTQ community and progressive causes, took to social media to unleash a torrent of insults and complaints, accusing the airline of allowing a "massive obese guy" to encroach on her personal space and criticizing the passenger's appearance and eating habits.


Chaya Raichik complained about being 'squished into the corner' because of a 'massive obese guy'

In a series of scathing posts, Raichik complained about being "squished into the corner" because a "massive obese guy" was taking up half of her seat. She accompanied her rant with a photograph showing the passenger's right leg extending into her space.

She wrote, "He is violating @SouthwestAir's own policies," referring to the airline's "customers of size" policy, which allows overweight passengers to request additional seats free of charge if their body extends beyond the armrest.

Raichik's angry outburst didn't stop there. She went on to describe the passenger as a "disgusting fat slob," alleging that he was "stuffing cheeseburgers and fries down his throat and threw his trash on the floor."

Southwest Airlines offered Chaya Raichik a $150 voucher as compensation

In response to Raichik's online tirade, Southwest Airlines reportedly reached out to her, offering a $150 voucher toward a future flight as compensation. However, she was far from satisfied with the airline's gesture, dismissing the voucher as "worthless" and declaring that she would never fly with Southwest again.


"I'm never flying @SouthwestAir again. And even if I would — that's not nearly enough compensation for this. I've flown Southwest like 3x in my life as a last resort. Never again," exclaimed Raichik.

In a subsequent post, Raichik elaborated on her decision to boycott the airline, stating, "The reason I hope never to fly Southwest again isn't specifically because of this incident. It's because I think it's a terrible airline. Like I said, only ever flown it a handful of times- all under extreme circumstances. In this case- option was a normal airline with a long stopover or direct with Southwest."


Internet slams Chaya Raichik over her rant against Southwest Airlines and seatmate

One expressed, "Just imagine being on a flight and sitting next to @libsoftiktok worst f*****g flight ever," and another quipped, "Imagine grifting for a living and only being able to afford Southwest lmfaooo." 

A person stated, "Maybe try first class next time? @libsoftiktok spreads hate online but doesn’t make enough money to fly first class and is stuck in coach. LOL get a real job Chaya."

Someone else remarked, "Every day she finds a new way to advertise what a piece of human trash she is. it’s uncanny." 

"I don’t understand. Why didn’t you just ask him to keep to his side instead of complaining on it on social media?" asked one more. 

Another person exclaimed, "Jesus, can you Karen any harder? This is a bit much." 







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