'Lying clown': Jesse Watters slammed as he rips into 'fanatic' Michael Cohen after defense grills him in court

'Lying clown': Jesse Watters slammed as he rips into 'fanatic' Michael Cohen after defense grills him in court
Fox News host Jesse Watters argued Michael Cohen lied in his testimony (Fox News, Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: On the 'Jesse Watters Primetime' episode of May 16, Fox News host Jesse Watters contended that Michael Cohen was a 'fanatic' and that he did not establish a link between former President Trump and the purported hush money transactions involving adult film actress Stormy Daniels before the 2016 presidential election.

Per BBC, in a heated exchange during cross-examination, Donald Trump's lawyer vehemently accused the prosecution's key witness, Cohen, of repeatedly providing false testimony. 


Reportedly, Cohen has testified that he kept Trump informed at every stage of the process of paying Daniels to keep quiet about an alleged affair.

Jesse Watters accuses Cohen of lying as his testimony unravels

In his monologue, Watters painted a vivid picture of the courtroom dynamics, focusing on the jurors' perspective. "Imagine being a juror listening, and realize you just spent your whole month away from work, away from your family to listen to a case in which the star witness is exposed as a fanatic, seeking revenge on the defendant," he said.

He then highlighted how the defense systematically dismantled Cohen's credibility, catching him in multiple falsehoods.

One particularly damning moment came when Cohen was asked about seeking a presidential pardon. "The defense caught Cohen in lie after lie. At one point, the lawyer says, did you ever ask for a pardon? Cohen says 'no.' Then the lawyer pulled out a deposition where Cohen asked for a pardon. The whole courtroom just shakes their head," Watters noted.

Watters continued by describing how the defense portrayed Cohen's motivations, saying, "The defense painted a picture of a jilted lawyer who had been passed over for White House chief of staff, and who even had a hard time getting tickets to the inauguration. Cohen was suicidal and was forced to admit under oath that he had a vendetta against Trump."

The host also pointed out the implications of these revelations for the jurors, adding, "If you're a juror and you hear the star witness say that, not good."

Adding further to the narrative, Watters cited statements from Cohen's former lawyer, noting, "Michael Cohen's former lawyer told Fox this morning that Cohen said he never had anything on Trump, which would make sense because if Cohen did have dirt on Donald, he would have handed it to the feds on a silver platter to stay out of prison."

Internet abuzz over Watters' claims about Cohen 'lying'

Jesse Watters lambasting Michael Cohen as a "fanatic" was met with divided reactions from social media. 

On the one hand, one viewer said, "Idk who lies more, him or Stormy."

Another said, "If CNN agrees then it’s confirmed Michael Cohen is a serial liar! This case has turned into a circus…"

One viewer noted, "Serial Liars….. mostly Congress too! But I think Michael Cohen wins the Academy Award!"

However, another follower observed, "Says the lying fanatic," referring to Watters. 

One comment read, "Plz stop going after Cohen. You all lie for The Con Man Trump-just like Cohen did."

Another said, "Others will decide, not you."

"When two liars meet in a court room. Stay tuned," quipped one person.

"Cohen is a lying clown," another said.









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