Jill Biden slammed by ex-husband as 'completely different woman' for insisting prez remains in race

Jill Biden slammed by ex-husband as 'completely different woman' for insisting prez remains in race after debate disaster
Bill Stevenson called out ex-wife Jill Biden for encouraging Joe Biden to stay in the presidential race after debate performance (Getty Images, Screengrab/News12)

WASHINGTON, DC: Bill Stevenson, the former husband of First Lady Jill Biden, called out the latter for encouraging incumbent Joe Biden to stay in the presidential race even after his abysmal performance in the debate against presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Biden and Trump faced each other in a closely moderated presidential debate hosted by CNN on Thursday, June 27, where Biden's performance left his party and supporters shaken, with many calling upon him to step down from the race.

Stevenson, who once supported Biden, is currently a proud supporter of Donald Trump from Delaware, reported the New York Post. He has been vocal for many years about his bitterness with "the Biden crime family," alleging that Biden began an affair with Jill while she was married to him between 1970 and 1975.

U.S. President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden speak to supporters at a watch party for the CNN Presidential Debate on June 27, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia. President Biden and Republican presidential candidate, former U.S. President Donald Trump faced off in the first presidential debate of the 2024 campaign. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Tasos Katopodis)
Bill Stevenson alleges that Joe Biden began an affair with his ex-wife Jill Biden while she was married to him (Tasos Katopodis/Tasos Katopodis)

Bill Stevenson criticizes Jill Biden after Joe Biden's presidential debate

“The Dr. Jill Biden who I’ve seen on TV in the last five years is not the same person I married or that I recognize in any way,” Bill Stevenson reportedly told The Post Saturday. “She’s matriculated into a completely different woman.”

“I just don’t understand why she is so adamant about defending him (Joe Biden) and keeping him in the race since it appears that he’s struggling,” he said. “It appears that he’s struggling with everybody these days.”

At a post-debate Democratic rally, the First Lady told the incumbent, “You did such a great job, you answered every question and you knew all the facts,” as the latter stood awkwardly in the back with his mouth half open. The footage drew sharp criticism from conservatives over social media.


“I’ve watched Jill grow,” shared Stevenson. "I’ve been proud of her at certain moments. I have no hard feelings … I’m just surprised to see her front and center in the middle of this battle after flying under the radar for so many years. She’s always been very driven. People say she’s the one who wants to be president now.”

He later added about the President's state of mind, "Look, I’m not a doctor or a psychiatrist but yeah, I felt he lost a step three or four years ago. Now I think it’s more like a couple of steps. Do I feel badly for him? No, because he did some horrible things to me and my family.”

Internet reacts to Bill Stevenson's claims

Reacting to the statements made by Bill Stevenson on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), a user wrote, "What an awkward moment for your ex to show up."


"Shame what Jil is doing to her current husband!" exclaimed another.


"She wants the power and money. It's not about Joe anymore it's about her. She's truly evil," chided someone else.


"Jill belongs in prison for elder abuse," slammed one individual.


"Power corrupts. She tasted the power," commented one more.


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