Jodie Foster reveals to Jimmy Fallon how she developed her role as Liz Danvers in ‘True Detective'

Jodie Foster reveals to Jimmy Fallon how she developed her role as Liz Danvers in ‘True Detective: Night Country’
Jodie Foster sheds light on how she shaped the character Liz Danvers of 'True Detective', on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In the realm of gripping crime dramas, 'True Detective: Night Country' has emerged as a must-watch, boasting an ensemble cast that includes the seasoned and talented Jodie Foster.

The accomplished actress recently appeared on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' to discuss her role as Liz Danvers in the show.

Jodie Foster's character development journey

During the interview, Foster provided valuable insights into her character development process, shedding light on the challenges and creative choices she made to bring Liz Danvers to life.

When Fallon asked about joining the cast of 'True Detective: Night Country', Foster described the decision as "an easy yes". However, she emphasized the unpredictability of the industry and the importance of meeting with the show's director and showrunner, Issa Lopez.

Foster praised Lopez's incredible vision for the show, which ultimately convinced her to jump on board.

"It was an easy yes, but you never know, you know? So, I went and met with the director, Issa Lopez, who's the showrunner and wrote all the episodes. And she just had such an incredible vision for the show that I just couldn't do anything but jump on board," said Foster.

'I did change the character a bit'

Foster revealed that she took an active role in shaping her character, Liz Danvers. Originally conceived as a much younger character dealing with fresh grief, Foster decided to take a different approach.

In Foster's own words, "Well, I did change the character a bit. The character, initially, was much younger and she was -- you know, was fresh from grief and was kind of a mess and very emotional. And I thought, 'No.' So, she really is awful. Yeah, my Liz Danvers is awful. She's an Alaska, we call her Alaska Karen."

Foster believes Liz Danvers is 'awful' for a reason

Foster humorously dubbed her character as 'Alaska Karen', emphasizing the not-so-likeable traits of Liz Danvers. Despite the character's flaws, Foster believes that viewers will understand why Liz is the way she is and may even grow to love her despite her charade.

"The most important thing was, I kind of configured the character to support the central character, who's an indigenous woman." 

One significant aspect of Foster's character development was her decision to reverse-engineer Liz Danvers to support the central character, Kali Reis.

Reis, an indigenous woman and a four-time world champion boxer, plays a pivotal role in the series.


Foster aimed to configure her character in a way that complements and enhances Reis' narrative, showcasing the importance of supporting and uplifting indigenous stories in mainstream media.

"Kali Reis is amazing actress. Used to be a fighter, is a boxer still. Four-time world champion. And it really is her story. So I just wanted to be able to kind of support that and I kind of reverse-engineered my person." 

Fans call Jodie Foster a 'true class act'

Jodie Foster's return to the big screen has ignited a wave of excitement among fans, with many expressing their delight at seeing the seasoned actress back in action

One user wrote, "I'm so happy Jodie Foster is acting in movies again. She's one of the greats."

Another commented, "Her performance in 'Silence of the Lambs' is legendary! One of the greatest actresses of all time!"

"I met Jodie Foster a few years ago. Talked for a few minutes. She's refreshingly funny and genuine," wrote another.

One replied, "You gotta love jodie foster shes a true class act, and a legends thank her for sharing her gift of acting."

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