‘Bidenomics killing his business’: Joe Biden mocked as calamari chef John Bordieri of 2020 DNC fame turns Trump supporter

‘Bidenomics killing his business’: Joe Biden mocked as calamari chef John Bordieri of 2020 DNC fame turns Trump supporter
President Joe Biden was mocked online after Chef John Bordieri backed Donald Trump (Getty Images, Instagram/@calamarininja)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: In a surprising political twist, the Rhode Island calamari chef who gained national fame during the 2020 Democratic National Convention (DNC), has declared his support for former President Donald Trump.

John Bordieri, the executive chef at Iggy’s Boardwalk in Warwick, Rhode Island, has stated that America needs a businessman at the helm - stressing that Trump is the right choice to lead the country.

How Chef John Bordieri went from Democrat sensation to Trump supporter

Bordieri's rise to fame came during the 2020 DNC when he appeared in a viral video that showcased Rhode Island's pride in its seafood industry. Dressed in all black, wearing a face mask, and holding a plate of sauteed, buttered calamari, Bordieri stood beside then-state Democratic Party Chair Joseph McNamara.

McNamara proudly announced that the "calamari comeback" state had cast one vote for independent Vermont Sen Bernie Sanders and 34 votes for future President Joe Biden. This unique and memorable moment not only made Rhode Island trend on social media but also earned Bordieri the nickname "calamari ninja".


Fast forward four years, and Bordieri's political stance has taken a significant shift. Despite his previous association with the DNC, he now endorses former President Trump. In an interview with 'Fox & Friends First' on Monday, June 10, Bordieri expressed his belief that America needs to be run like a business to address economic challenges effectively.

"[We need someone to run] the United States like a business and to help the people who live here – creating jobs, keeping lower prices, and seeing the whole bottom line work out for everybody," Bordieri told co-host Carley Shimkus.

Bordieri's endorsement of Trump is rooted in his concerns about the current state of the economy. He cited rising home prices, high interest rates, and inflationary pressures on businesses as primary reasons for his support.

"I feel for the kids of my son's age and stuff like that who want to buy a home right now. They're going to pay for these overinflated prices, have high interest rates, and it's going to crush them," he said.

"They need to make a ton of money, more so than what they're making right now, or even what I'm making right now. You need more money just to stay on top of things. Everything's just going up in price over and over."

Bordieri highlighted the challenges faced by his own restaurant, Iggy's Boardwalk, which has had to raise prices or cut back in some areas to cope with the increasing costs of supplies.

"We want everybody to come in and have a very full meal and enjoy themselves without having to worry about the bottom line and having to pay that bill," he added.

What the polls say about Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Despite Trump's recent conviction on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, Bordieri remains steadfast in his support.

According to a CBS/YouGov poll released Sunday, 55% of likely voters said Trump’s conviction isn’t a factor in their voting decisions. The poll also revealed that other issues, including the economy, crime, and border security, rank higher in importance for voters.


Moreover, other surveys indicate that Trump has not lost significant support following his conviction. A Times/Siena survey found Trump leading Biden 47% to 46%, with only a one-point decline for Trump and a one-point increase for Biden among the same group of voters polled before and after the conviction.

An Emerson College survey released recently showed similar results, with Trump’s support remaining steady and Biden’s support increasing slightly. The survey also found that Trump's lead widens to six points when third-party candidates, including Robert F Kennedy Jr, are considered.

While Bordieri now openly supports Trump, he maintains that he has always been an independent thinker. He acknowledged being told to present himself as independent, which mostly aligns with his broader perspective on politics.

"I just always believe business is business. The politicians… I don't want to diss them or anything, but you always hear they're going to make up stories, and they are going to help you, and they're going to do this, they're going to do that for you. I think Donald Trump did an awful lot while he was in office for the four years that he was here," Bordieri remarked.

Internet reacts as Chef John Bordieri backs Donald Trump

Biden was widely mocked on social media following Chef Bordieri's endorsement of Trump. 

"Bidenomics killing his business, huh?" one posted on X.

"How the times have changed," another wrote.

"Bidenomics.. make you feel great for a minute and f--- you in the long run," someone else added.

"Many millionaires are seeing the effects of communism, which they fully supported in 2020 by voting for Biden, and are finally realizing it affects EVERYONE!!!" a comment read.

"He wants to ensure he's not offered the position of Obama house chef," another quipped.






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