Inside the numerous measures WH staff took to aid Joe Biden amid president's growing cognitive lapses

Inside the numerous measures WH staff took to aid Joe Biden amid president's growing cognitive lapses
A recent survey revealed that 72% of registered voters do not think President Joe Biden is mentally fit for the position (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: As a result of a recent survey revealing an astounding 72% of registered voters do not think President Joe Biden is mentally fit for the position, further concerns regarding his cognitive state are being raised.

Although Biden's disastrous debate performance last week shocked and dismayed a lot of Democrats, the 81-year-old president's indiscretions have long been known to those in his inner circle.

White House aides adjusts daily activities to meet Joe Biden's octogenarian needs

White House aides have diligently worked throughout the presidency to reduce the president's exposure to situations that could publicly highlight cognitive lapses and to tailor daily presidential activities to suit an octogenarian's requirements.

The president is perceived as susceptible to absent-minded mistakes and fatigue, particularly beyond a six-hour window — from 10 am to 4 pm — and during overseas travel, according to a recent Axios report.

The team reportedly had to increase their efforts to protect him, from providing shorter stairs for boarding Air Force One to assisting him during walks due to concerns about his gait and tendency to seem disoriented.

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Top aides and allies have helped President Joe Biden try to cope with his age-related struggles out of the public eye (Getty Images)

“I know many of these people and how the White House operates,” Chandler West, the former deputy director of photography at the White House under Biden, stated in an Instagram story following the debate, as reported by Axios.

“They will say he has a ‘cold’ or just experienced a ‘bad night', but for weeks and months, in private, they have all said what we saw last night — Joe is not as strong as he was just a couple of years ago,” West said.

“The debate was not the first bad day, and it’s not gonna be the last,” the ex-administration staffer, who had a front-row seat to the president's behavior, stated this. “It’s time for Joe to go.”

"A true succession plan does not exist," a senior Democratic campaign adviser told CNN, highlighting the issue. “That’s what makes all of this not just heartbreaking but very problematic.”

White House defends Joe Biden's mental sharpness

The White House has retaliated against these claims about Biden's mental sharpness.

“Not only does the President perform around the clock, but he maintains a schedule that tires younger aides, including foreign trips into active war zones, and he proves he has that capacity by delivering tangible results that pundits had declared impossible,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates released a statement.

Biden's qualifications for the position were demonstrated by Bates with references to NATO expansion, "outmaneuvering China to bring manufacturing home," and "out-negotiating Republican officials as they try to impose recession-causing MAGAnomics policies and radical abortion bans."

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White House has defended Joe Biden's mental sharpness (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

In addition to his cognitive challenges, the senior president is known to frequently wear orthopedic shoes and has received physical therapy to address stiffness, as previously revealed by the White House physician.

Following a significant fall at last year's Air Force Academy commencement, which occurred when he stumbled over a sandbag on stage, his aides have been vigilant in preventing similar incidents, New York Post reported.

Joe Biden campaign officials prevent him  from speaking with rally attendees

Footage after the debate depicted the president being cautiously assisted off stage by his spouse following the 90-minute engagement with the former President Donald Trump, who is 78.


Numerous reporters have claimed that officials from the Biden campaign have attempted to prevent them from speaking with rally attendees who were questioning the decision to nominate him.


Biden has occasionally joked about his team urging him to curtail his question-and-answer sessions during press events. In one instance in September, while Biden continued speaking, an official announced the end of the press conference.


Staff members seemed to play music to indicate the conclusion. Additionally, it has been reported that First Lady Jill Biden has expressed frustration with aides who did not intervene during press conferences where Biden misspoke, Axios reports.

Internet skeptical about Joe Biden's mental health

As soon as news went viral on social media, users started reacting to it. A user said, "There is nothing new about any of this other than the democrats finally feel public shame for lying."


Another user added, "It’s why they barely let him out in 2020 and he never does press conferences without notes. Always afraid “he’ll get in trouble”."


The third commentator wrote, "It's the world biggest scam and it's being perpetrated by the media and the Democrats."


One said criticizing Jill Biden, "His wife is a demon."


"He was in obvious mental decline 5 years ago when this news outlet was saying he was fine," a person remarked.


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