'Can't trust her': Internet furious as Nikki Haley reiterates support for Israel during Memorial Day visit

'Can't trust her': Internet furious as Nikki Haley reiterates support for Israel during Memorial Day visit
Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley visited Israel on Memorial Day (Getty Images)

NIR OZ, ISRAEL: Nikki Haley, the former 2024 GOP presidential candidate, made a significant Memorial Day trip to Israel, reiterating her unwavering support for the nation.

Haley, who served as the US ambassador to the United Nations for two years during the Donald Trump administration was welcomed by Danny Danon, a current member of Israel’s Knesset and former Israeli ambassador to the UN during Haley’s tenure in the international body.

Nikki Haley’s visit to Israel’s southern sites

Haley visited the southern sites of the country that were targeted by Hamas during the attacks on October 7.

Danon shared an edited video on social media platform X where Haley pledged America’s support to the Israeli people.

“What I will tell all Israelis: America is with you. Americans are with you — 1,200 people were brutally murdered," Haley stated in the video.


"Let’s not forget what happened on October 7. Because Hamas has said they’re going to do it again. We owe it to make sure it never happens again," she further said, according to The Hill

Nikki Haley says 'America stands with Israel'

In a separate post on X, Danon quoted Haley, “Don’t listen to what is being said in the media. I reassure you: America stands with Israel!”

"We will continue to work together with our friends in the United States to ensure Israel's victory in the war, the elimination of Hamas, and the return of all hostages," he wrote further quoting Haley.


Haley was the last standing candidate against former President Donald Trump in the race for the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential candidate.

Throughout her time in the UN and her presidential campaign, Haley’s support for Israel remained a central part of her political identity.

This was noted by Danon in his post thanking Haley for her visit. “It is with the greatest pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to our esteemed friend, Ambassador Nikki Haley, as she arrives in Israel,” Danon posted on Sunday, May 26. 


“@NikkiHaley is a steadfast ally of Israel and a sincere advocate for the Jewish people. It is with immense honor to host her during this significant visit of solidarity,” the post added.

Nikki Haley's support to Israel gets mixed reactions 

However, there were mixed reactions to Haley’s visit and her support for Israel. One user on X noted, “She is siding with the Deep State in America that is undermining Israel. She back-stabbed President Trump. Now we are to trust her?”

Another wrote, “Nikki Haley made herself a laughing stock to get back onside with Republicans who she hates,” while one questioned her motives saying, “Is she trying to be #Trump’s vp? I can’t trust her motives on anything now.”

One user even criticized her saying, “That’s why no one wanted her for president,” and another lashed out, “This is such a sick post today. Why don’t you go over the border to see what your weapons are doing?”

"Nikki Haley, desperate to appear relevant," wrote one more. "Pro hint, Danny boy: Nikki Haley doesn’t speak for America. Not even close," wrote another.

"In the USA we despise Nikki Haley. You can keep her in your Zionist Kingdom!" one more wrote. "Ahh, Loony Haley. She says nothing worth listening to, so that won't be a problem," worte one.










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