'Keep peddling the same lie': Internet trolls Pete Buttigieg as he praises Joe Biden for a growing economy

'Keep peddling the same lie': Internet trolls Pete Buttigieg as he praises Joe Biden for a growing economy
Pete Buttigieg spoke about the growing state of the economy under Joe Biden's presidency on Sunday, April 7, 2024 (Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Pete Buttigieg took to X (formerly Twitter) to praise President Joe Biden for improving the economy while acknowledging that more work remained, on Sunday, April 7.

The Transportation Secretary shared a clip from his interview on MSNBC, where he spoke on the subject, netizens, however, are unconvinced by his statements.

Pete Buttigieg says economy is growing under Joe Biden

In the clip posted by Pete Buttigieg, he is seen telling the interviewer, "I think it's important to recognize where people are at. Two, the country has been through a lot, (and) families have been through a lot. And just because a number on a page looks good doesn't mean people can feel it."

"Anybody who's been in a relationship knows that if somebody is not feeling great, the first thing you say to them is not, 'You should be feeling better than you are.' Stop. Stop. Not feeling it. So look, we've been through a lot as a country," he explained.

"Having said that, we're also achieving a lot as a country," continued Buttigieg, before adding, "And while there is a very well-funded noise machine trying to poke holes in those achievements, trying to talk down the economy and all of the things America has done, I think it reflects well on the president that the American people under his leadership and the American economy, under his leadership, have added do many jobs."

Along with the clip, Buttigieg wrote in his post, "President Biden is growing the economy from the middle out and bottom up. We have made remarkable progress over the last three years and we still have more to do."


Internet slams Pete Buttigieg for 'lying'

"Democrats lie and lie! It’s sickening!" a social media user said while responding to the politician's post on X.


"The only thing growing is democrats lies," wrote another.


"Bottom up= handouts to your DEI favorites using tax payer money," stated a third.


"How can you keep peddling the same lie ? we’re not ever going to believe it," one individual asked.


"Growing inflation, growing energy costs, growing gas costs, home costs , rent, insurance, auto costs, hellava guy!" another wrote.


"You were a voice of truth for a bit, now you sound like a puppet," noted one person.


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