'Con man wants MAGA acceptance': Rep Byron Donalds draws flak as he claims media ‘twisted’ his Jim Crow era remarks

'Con man wants MAGA acceptance': Rep Byron Donalds draws flak as he claims media ‘twisted’ his Jim Crow era remarks
Rep Byron Donalds said that his remarks about Black families in the Jim Crow era were taken out of context by the media (Kent Nishimura/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: Republican Byron Donalds argued that the media "twisted" his remarks made at a recent campaign event about Black families during the Jim Crow era.

The congressman from Florida, who is a top contender for former president Donald Trump's vice president pick at a 'Congress, Cognac, and Cigars' event in Philadelphia on June 4, seemed to claim that the Black families were "together" during the Jim Crow era.

He further said, “More Black people were not just conservative — Black people have always been conservative-minded — but more people voted conservatively.”

Donalds' controversial remarks soon ignited criticisms from the Black community, including the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries.

Rep Byron Donalds claims media 'twisted' his words

Despite the backlash, the Republican did not backtrack on his remarks and instead argued the media took his words out of context.

“Nobody ever made nostalgia,” Donalds said in an interview with CNN's Abby Phillip on Wednesday, June 5, indicating he had no regrets about the remark.

“That was never the point. It wasn’t even about that. So where now I’m gonna get my backup is, I didn’t say that. I didn’t even insinuate that," he asserted. The congressman further suggested that whatever he might say in the current political environment would be "twisted into the lens of race," The Hill reported.

Brooklyn-born Representative Byron Donalds has stirred controversy by defending Donald Trump's remarks at the Black Conservative Federation Gala in South Carolina(@ByronDonalds/X)
Rep Byron Donalds is a finalist in Donald Trump's list of potential running mates (@ByronDonalds/X)

However, the host pressed Donalds that he was insinuating that Black families were better off during the Jim Crow era than at present. The Trump running mate finalist denied the accusation, claiming he was "one of the better communicators in the Republican Party" who knows "how to put words together," therefore, he would not agree with the host's allegations.

“What America is seeing right now, especially Black America is the gaslighting that unfortunately does happen in politics, where you take my comments, and you want to weave your own political viewpoint into what I say,” the Trump ally continued. “What I said is very clear.”


The Jim Crow era, spanning between 1877 and the mid-1960s, was a period of legalized racial segregation at the local and state levels after the Civil War.

In contradiction to Donalds' claim, the Black Americans had no right to vote, get an education, or get jobs during this period. Defying the laws could lead to arrest, penalties, jail sentences, and even death.

Byron Donalds called 'con man' for claiming media 'twisted' his words about Jim Crow era

Netizens lashed out at Byron Donalds for claiming the media took his words about Black families' unity during the Jim Crow period out of context.

An X user wrote, "No - they didn’t. @ByronDonalds is the worst kind of self loathing sell out." Another remarked, "Con man wants MaGa acceptance for personal gain."



One person wrote, "HE SAID WHAT HE SAID & WE ALL HEARD HIM.!!!!"

"Why would he even mention Jim Crow? In what context would that ever be a good thing, unless of course if he was adamantly saying how devastating it was… which he didn’t," read one response.

Another person added, "The party of personal responsibility never takes responsibility."




One individual wrote, "Pfffttt… he can’t unsay it. Byron Donald’s is an embarrassment," while another asked, "How can the media twist his words when it came straight out of your mouth."



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