MAGA Guv candidate Mark Robinson slammed as he says 'some folks need killing' in vitriolic campaign speech

MAGA Guv candidate Mark Robinson slammed as he says 'some folks need killing' in vitriolic campaign speech
Mark Robinson delivered a dangerous tirade at Lake Church (Facebook/robinsonfornc)

WHITE LAKE, NORTH CAROLINA: North Carolina's Lt Gov Mark Robinson gave a controversial campaign speech at a church this week, where he advocated for the "killing" of various adversaries, including America's historical war enemies, "wicked people," and individuals who remove conservatives from social media platforms.

Robinson is known for his controversial comments, such as claiming that Black Americans should pay reparations, labeling members of the LGBTQ community as "maggots," asserting that Michelle Obama is a man, and denying the Holocaust.

Mark Robinson delivers vitriolic campaign speech at Lake Church

Endorsed by former President Donald Trump, he secured a victory in the March primary and is set to challenge North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein in November's election to succeed the term-limited Governor Roy Cooper.

Robinson's tirade on the subject of killing was given at Lake Church in the small town of White Lake, North Carolina, and initially reported by Greg Sargent of The New Republic. The address formed part of a "God and Country Sunday" event, which remains accessible on the church's Facebook page.

Mark Robinson's tirade on killing was given at Lake Church in White Lake (Facebook)
Mark Robinson delivered a tirade calling for killing 'wicked people' (Facebook)

The Republican candidate’s speech remarked, “yet another example of an ugly game widely played on the MAGA right, one supercharged by Donald Trump,” wrote Sargent.

It further stated, “entails hinting that right-wing political violence is necessary and justified because a ubiquitous, all-seeing, all-powerful leftist threat—one that is pure invention—is already supposedly attacking and persecuting conservatives on a mass scale.”

Mark Robinson says 'some folks need killing'

According to MediaITE, Sargent transcribed Robinson's comments, "We now find ourselves struggling with people who have evil intent. You know, there’s a time when we used to meet evil on the battlefield and guess what we did to it?"

It added, "We killed it! … When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, what did we do? We flew to Japan! And we killed the Japanese Army and Navy! … We didn’t argue and capitulate and talk about, well, maybe we shouldn’t fight the Nazis that hard."

"No, they’re bad. Kill them. Some liberal somewhere is going to say that sounds awful. Too bad. Get mad at me if you want to. Some folks need killing! It’s time for somebody to say it. It’s not a matter of vengeance," transcription read.

Mark Robinson's comments emphasize the struggle against evil intent (Facebook)
Mark Robinson called for killing his foes in a hateful speech (Facebook)

Sargent went on to state, "It’s not a matter of being mean or spiteful. It’s a matter of necessity! When you have wicked people doing wicked things, torturing and murdering and raping. It’s time to call out, uh, those guys in green and go have them handled. Or those boys in blue and have them go handle it…."

"We need to start handling our business again… Don’t you feel it slipping away? … The further we start sliding into making 1776 a distant memory and the tenets of socialism and communism start coming into clearer focus. They’re watching us. They’re listening to us. They’re tracking us."

Sargent' concluded, "They get mad at you. They cancel you. They dox you. They kick you off social media. They come in and close down your business. Folks, it’s happening … because we have forgotten who we are."

Mark Robinson gets clobbered over toxic speech 

Social media users lambasted Mark Robinson over his speech. A reader wrote, "Robinson must be talking about the after birth abortions that MAGAts wail about all the time. Pure projection again."

Another user added, "To be fair, they have never cared about what a socialist Jew would do in any situation."

The third commentator wrote, "All the religions do that, we should outlaw that. It's hate speech. It has lead to endless horrible violence."

"It's incitement to violence. That's already a crime. It's killing us, it will kill us all if the Trump cult takes power, but FreeDumb!!!!" One remarked.

A person stated, "Mental illness and criminal psychosis are mandatory for MAGA leaders. If you cant out crazy the last MAGAT you don't qualify"

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