Internet divided as Whoopi Goldberg labels Fox News hosts 'snowflakiest people' amid mockery of VP Harris

'Right on': Internet divided as Whoopi Goldberg labels Fox News hosts 'snowflakiest people' amid mockery of Kamala Harris
Whoopi Goldberg blasts Fox News hosts after they mocked Kamala Harris (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In the latest episode of 'The View' aired on Thursday, January 18, Whoopi Goldberg fiercely defended Vice President Kamala Harris against the mockery she faced from Fox News hosts.

The Vice President had candidly expressed her fears about the upcoming election during her appearance on the popular chat show on Wednesday, January 17. 

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Her reaction on the show that she was "scared as heck" was met with harsh criticism from conservative political commentators Jesse Watters, Dana Perino, and Lawrence Jones.

Goldberg, not one to shy away from controversy, slammed the Fox News hosts, branding them as the "snowflakiest people."

Why did Whoopi Goldberg slam Fox News hosts?

After Harris confessed on 'The View' that she was "scared as heck" about the potential outcomes of the upcoming election, conservative political pundits — Jesse Watters, Dana Perino, and Lawrence Jones — suggested that she seemed ill-prepared for the interview.

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They even questioned the source of her fear.

Whoopi Goldberg reacting to the Fox News hosts mocking said, "You know, you folks are the snowflakiest people I’ve ever seen."

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"You don’t know what she’s scared of? You don’t know? You haven’t been listening to what this man has said he’s going to do on day one, how he’s treated women?" per OK!

"You don’t think we’re uncomfortable when somebody says, 'Yeah, I’m the guy that got rid of, you know, Roe versus Wade.' What do you mean, 'What are you scared of?'" the star added.

Joy Behar concurred with Goldberg. In response, co-host Sunny Hostin stated that as the "second most powerful person in the world," Harris cautioned Americans that “our democracy is an experiment."

Internet reaction to Goldberg's remarks on Fox News hosts

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Social media users swiftly responded with various viewpoints.

A user tweeted on X mocking the VP, "Harris is one of the worst public speakers I have ever seen. Cringe Queen." 

Another user remarked, "Foxnews will find themselves with another lawsuit this year."

"And they are!!" agreed a person.

A Facebook user commented, "Right on sister!"

"That's for sure," added another. 

"So do those of us who will never ever watch fox bs," mentioned one person.   





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