'I don't understand': 'The View' host Sunny Hostin triggers debate over GOP women supporting Nikki Haley

'I don't understand': 'The View' host Sunny Hostin triggers debate over GOP women supporting Nikki Haley
Sunny Hostin expressed her surprise at people supporting Nikki Haley for the GOP primary on 'The View' (YouTube/TheView, @NikkiHaley/X)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Co-host Sunny Hostin sparked a lively discourse on the January 11 episode of 'The View' when she questioned why people were supporting Nikki Haley after Chris Christie left the GOP presidential candidate race.

Drawing a comparison with former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Hostin seemingly suggested that those backing Haley were doing so only because she is a woman.

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Fox News reported that co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin had recently shared that she would be supporting Haley in the Republican primary.

Sunny Hostin's argument against Nikki Haley's support

Speaking at the 'Hot Topics' table, Hostin stated, "I don’t understand why everyone is backing Nikki Haley, especially women. I remember when Hillary Clinton was running, there was a lot of talk about ‘I don’t vote for someone just because she has a vagina.’ Well, last I checked Nikki Haley has one too."

Her co-host Griffin, a Republican, interrupted with, "We don't really do identity politics as much," to which Hostin countered, "Oh yes, you do."

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"I don't, I've literally never said it's because she's a woman. I think she's the most qualified," argued Griffin, as Hostin claimed that the Republican Party did. Griffin responded by asking whether anything of the nature had been said about Haley.

As the cross-talking cooled down, Hostin argued that Haley is not a strong contender against Donald Trump in the race, as the latter had stated that the would pardon the former president if elected, and would vote for him if she did not become the nominee.

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Sara Haines not convinced by Sunny Hostin's arguments

The co-host shared that she had voted for Clinton back in 2016 because she believed her to be more qualified.

In the present scenario, Sara Haines told Hostin, "To me, I think Nikki Haley's following, I actually have not heard one single person say 'I’m voting because she’s a woman,' because the Republican Party itself tends to separate, as Black candidates, they can’t even address slavery or race when they run for office. They’re not identity people."

"I think that right now is the time for Nikki Haley. The reason, I don’t vote in Republican primaries, that I like Nikki Haley is I am on the ‘anyone but Trump train,’" she added.

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