'She's the MVP': Fans gush over Travis and Jason Kelce's shout-out to Taylor Swift's arrival in 'Chiefs Kingdom' and Super Bowl debut

'She's the MVP': Fans gush over Travis and Jason Kelce's shout-out to Taylor Swift's arrival in 'Chiefs Kingdom' and Super Bowl debut
Travis and Jason Kelce congratulate Taylor Swift on their podcast (GCImages, jason.kelce/Instagram)

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI: Taylor Swift receives a delightful and affectionate mention from her boyfriend Travis Kelce and his brother Jason Kelce in their latest podcast episode.

The Kelce brothers express their excitement for Swift joining the 'Chiefs Kingdom' and making it to the Super Bowl in her rookie year.

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In a touching moment following the Kansas City Chiefs' victory against the Baltimore Ravens, the emotional embrace between Travis and Jason captured widespread attention and went viral online.

The video, depicting moments from the post-game aftermath, struck a chord with social media users as Jason's voice trembled with words of encouragement for Travis to secure a Super Bowl victory.

Adding to the buzz, a passionate celebratory kiss between Travis and Swift after the Chiefs vs Ravens game also gained attention, further highlighting the couple's shared joy and enthusiasm.

Taylor Swift kisses Travis Kelce (Instagram/@patty_cuts)
Travis Kelce thanks Taylor Swift for joining his team in a recent podcast (Instagram/@patty_cuts)

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Travis and Jason Kelce welcome Taylor Swift to the 'Chiefs Kingdom'

According to the Daily Mail, in their recent 'New Heights' podcast episode on Wednesday morning, Jason and Travis Kelce playfully acknowledged Swift's achievement.

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Jason, a star with the Philadelphia Eagles, gave a humorous shout-out, saying, "Also, shout out to the newest member of Chiefs Kingdom. Taylor Swift, who has officially reached the Super Bowl in her rookie year." Travis chimed in with laughter, adding, "Shout out to Tay. Thanks for joining the team."


The Kelce brothers continued to discuss an exchange between Swift and Chiefs head coach Andy Reid after the game.

According to the Daily Mail, Jason mentioned a photo of Coach Reid showing some love to Swift on the stage, with both pointing at each other.

Travis, still buzzing with excitement, interrupted, "We're going to the Super Bowl baby. We're going to the bowl. We did it. We've already talked about how they kind of know each other from the Philly days. Scott Swift (Taylor's dad), shout out to big Scott, and Andy are good friends."

"That was a cool moment to see afterward. I didn't get to see it because I was on the stage screaming but yeah, that was a cool one," he added.


Jason added, as reported by the Daily Mail, "Yeah we had the whole family down on the field. We had me, mom, dad and Taylor. Everybody was down there."

In the podcast, Travis shared his sentiments about reaching the Super Bowl this year, expressing that this run has been special for him and his team.

According to the Daily Mail, he feels that everything fell into place for them this year.

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - DECEMBER 21: Jason Kelce #62 of the Philadelphia Eagles walks off the f
Jason Kelce congratulated Taylor Swift for entering into the Super Bowl in her rookie year (GettyImages)

Swift, as per the Daily Mail, has attended 12 of Travis' games this season and is expected to make it 13 at the Super Bowl next weekend.

Travis and Swift received acclaim in a recent incident where the Chiefs tight end responded to inquiries about his relationship with Swift during a press conference.

He acknowledged the growing attention on their relationship, emphasizing that they prioritize their happiness and choose to disregard external opinions.

Internet users demand the 'wedding date' for a possible Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift marriage

A user wrote, "I want a wedding date."


Another user asserted that Swift's presence at the games is generating good viewership and revenue and wrote, "Making a lot of money for them. I'm watching Chiefs games now."


A user suggested that Travis should be grateful to Swift for joining his family in celebrations and commented, "He really should. She's really terrific and wil make a great addition to their family."


A user made it to X, and expressed his opinion on Travis and Jason's statements related to Swift and wrote, "She’s the MVP (Most Valuable Princess) of the Chiefs kingdom ♥️"


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