'Spectators should have some manners': Internet sides with pro golfer Rickie Fowler as he snaps at fan during 2024 Players Championship

'Spectators should have some manners': Internet sides with pro golfer Rickie Fowler as he snaps at fan during 2024 Players Championship
Rickie Fowler got agitated as a spectator's phone went off (Rickie Fowler/Instagram)

PALM VALLEY, FLORIDA: Professional golfer Rickie Fowler, known for his laid-back and amiable demeanor on the course, sent shockwaves through the golf world with an uncharacteristic outburst directed at an unruly fan during the third round of the 2024 Players Championship on Saturday, March 17, as per New York Post.

The incident, captured by PGA Tour Live cameras, ignited a firestorm on social media, with fans rallying behind Fowler's rare display of frustration and condemning the fan's disruptive behavior.


Fan disregarded Rickie Fowler's request while he prepared for his shot at TPC Sawgrass' 523-yard par-5 16th hole

The occurrence unfolded at the TPC Sawgrass 523-yard par-5 16th hole, where Fowler's caddie, Ricky Romano, had explicitly instructed fans to keep their phones silent as the golfer prepared for his shot.

Despite the warning, one fan seemingly disregarded the request, prompting Fowler to snap and confront the individual directly.

"You," said the professional folder, pointing towards the spectator as he stepped towards the crowd after his tee shot, his caddie following suit. The exchange was captured on camera, with bystanders expressing disbelief at the fan's disregard for the rules.

Incident appeared to have shaken Rickie Fowler's usual composure

Matt Every, an analyst on the broadcast, expressed his surprise, saying, "Wow, I've never seen that out of Rickie. Totally understand it, though."

The incident appeared to have a lasting impact on Fowler's performance, as his next two shots found the water, leading to a double bogey on the hole. While the tee shot traveled 288 yards, the disruption seemed to have shaken Fowler's usual composure.

(Rickie Fowler/Instagram)
Rickie Fowler snapped at a spectator at the 2024 Players Championship (Rickie Fowler/Instagram)

Internet rallies behind Rickie Fowler following viral incident

One stated, "I like Rickie. If he's lost it, the fans definitely crossed a line," and another echoed, "Rickie is a stand-up guy. If he was annoyed, someone was definitely being a jerk!"

Reflecting on the broader implications for the sport, a person emphasized, "Golf is supposed to be a gentlemen’s sport, not a circus. If you can’t be a spectator with some manners then stay away from the tournaments!!" 

Someone else declared, "That fan should be removed and banned from any future events!"

"Good for Rickie. Too many jacka***s don't want to respect the man at his job. I'm sure the guy wouldn't appreciate the same at his workplace," expressed an individual. 

One more offered, "There’s gotta be frustration for Rickie because he’s been struggling since his win in July, but if you get one of the calmest guys on Tour in Rickie Fowler to yell and get mad at you then you royally screwed up."







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