Trey Filter: Internet hails 'selfless hero' dad for tackling Chiefs parade shooter and saving many lives

Trey Filter: Internet hails 'selfless hero' dad for tackling Chiefs parade shooter and saving many lives
Trey Filter hailed for tackling alleged Kansas City Chiefs parade shooter (Casey Filter/ Facebook, @gwyn_kl/X)

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI: Trey Filter, a father and Kansas City Chiefs fan, is being hailed as a "selfless hero" for his courageous act during the team's Super Bowl Parade on Wednesday, February 14. 

Filter, without a moment's hesitation, tackled an alleged shooter to the ground, potentially preventing further tragedy at the parade.

His quick-thinking wife Casey also played a crucial role in the incident by seizing the firearm from the assailant, per New York Post.

Who is Trey Filter?


Trey Filter, who is listed as the owner of Pave the Way on his Facebook profile, and his wife Casey are being hailed as heroes for their actions during the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Parade.

The Filter family, who reportedly had taken a day off from school and work to cheer for their beloved team, were unaware of the gravity of the situation until they embarked on their 3-hour journey back home to Wichita.

The shooting claimed at least one life - a mother of two named Lisa Lopez-Galvan - and injured 22 others, including nine children.

As the couple and their two sons, aged 12 and 15, were departing from the festivities, shots were fired. Initially, Trey thought the sounds were merely firecrackers.

 Trey Filter recalls dramatic capture of alleged shooter


Filter recalled hearing someone yell "Get him!" just moments before he spotted a white blur rushing through the terrified crowd, who were seeking cover amidst the gunfire.

"My brain tells me, 'That must be him,'" Filter recounted to The Post, hours following the incident. The individual turned out to be one of the three people reportedly arrested in connection with the shooting.

"I literally remember when I was tackling him, 'I sure hope this is who they were yelling at me to get.' Because I just went, 'boom!' … I really don't recall seeing him coming."

In a viral video, Filter courageously tackled the suspected gunman, preventing him from causing harm. Despite the gunman breaking free, he was quickly subdued again by another attendee.

Filter and this second person physically restrained the gunman, while his wife of 20 years Casey managed to secure the dropped weapon, believed to be an AK-47.

Unaware that the weapon had been secured, Filter continued to search the man for firearms until the police arrived shortly after and arrested the gunman.

Amidst applause, Filter then sought his family to leave the scene. "I'm really glad we're not in the other boat that those people are in," he shared.

Internet hails 'selfless hero' Trey Filter


A Facebook user praised the couple for their courageous actions, stating, "Great work and a big shout out to say Thank you Trey Filter and Casey Filter for your quick thinking and brave heroics in helping to capture one of the gunmen at today's Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City!"

"Selfless hero!!" hailed another fan.

Another person reshared the post and said, "Thank you to Trey Filter, your wife. Paul Contreras and his daughter Alyssa. God Bless you all. "

"Kudos to the Chiefs' fans that decided to take action and captured the shooter today. A horrible ending to the Kansas City Chiefs championship parade today as multiple people were shot," shared another. 

A Twitter user wrote, "This guy is a hero! All my respect to him and his wife for springing into action during this chaotic scene. He most likely saved additional lives."

"That couple, true MVPs," added another.





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