'Another exaggeration from baby': Trump mocked as he says 'if it weren't for me, there would be no NATO'

'Another exaggeration from baby Donald': Trump mocked as he says 'if it weren't for me, there would be no NATO'
Former President Donald Trump sought credit for the continued existence of NATO on July 9, 2024 (Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Former president Donald Trump claimed that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) would have ceased to exist without him, on Tuesday, July 9. The day also marked the 75th-anniversary summit of the organization in Washington DC.

According to MTN, Trump is under the impression that NATO is a protection racket headed by the United States. He has often complained of the member nations not 'paying up,' where in reality, they voluntarily commit to spending at least 2% of their GDP on their defense. The members do not owe any sort of tariffs to the US, and each meets the small direct funding obligations to the alliance itself.

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Donald Trump demanded member countries of NATO pay their share to receive 'protection of the US' (Getty Images)

Donald Trump's Truth Social post

Taking to his social media platform, the presumptive GOP nominee wrote on Tuesday, "If it weren’t for me as President, there probably would be no NATO by now. When I became President, I noticed that there were only 7 of the 28 Countries, that were then Members, who were paid up."

"Most Members were delinquent, some having paid very little, if anything. I found this unacceptable, and insisted that they pay if they wanted the protection of the US. Billions of Dollars came pouring in. No other President did anything about these long term delinquencies," he continued.

"The Secretary General of NATO said it was 'incredible' what 'President Trump had done.' It made NATO viable again. Now we have a similar problem. The US is paying most of the money to help Ukraine fight Russia. Europe should at least EQUALIZE! They owe more than 100 Billion to do so. Crooked Joe has never even asked them to do so," slammed Trump in conclusion.


Donald Trump is considered an existential threat to NATO

Trump had reportedly stated back in February that he would refuse to honor the NATO treaty and allow Vladimir Putin to do "whatever the hell he wants" to Europe in the face of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

"Any suggestion that allies will not defend each other undermines all of our security, including that of the US, and puts American and European soldiers at increased risk," NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg had shared after Trump's speech.

Belgium's Prime Minister Alexander De Croo told the European Parliament in January that Europe would be "on its own" if Trump is to win the White House in 2024.

"If 2024 brings us America First again, it will be more than ever Europe on its own. We should, as Europeans, not fear that prospect. We should embrace it by putting Europe on a more solid footing," he noted.

Internet trolls Donald Trump

Reacting to Donald Trump's remarks on NATO, a user wrote on X, "Spoken like a true mob boss."


"Another exaggeration from baby Donald," stated another.


"Trump always posting bangers," mocked a third.


"Add NATO to the long list of things that DJT knows nothing about," jibed a fourth.


"Trump would rather ally himself with the world’s worst dictators," chided a fifth.



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