'Useless Rep': Internet slams Lauren Boebert as she takes credit for bridge project funding she voted against

'Useless Rep': Internet slams Lauren Boebert as she takes credit for bridge project funding she voted against
Rep Lauren Boebert bragged about how she heped secure more than $51.4 million for a bridge project in Colorado (Getty Images)

DENVER, COLORADO: Rep Lauren Boebert (R-CO) drew the ire of her fellow lawmakers and her constituents alike after taking credit for securing more than $51.4 million in funding for a bridge project in her area despite having voted against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and other legislation aimed at supporting America's infrastructure.

The firebrand Republican lawmaker wrote on X, “Great meeting with Glenwood Springs City Councilor and former Mayor Jonathan Godes. We have secured over $51.4 million for the South Bridge. Was thrilled to hear about nearly $30 million in costs savings in addition and that my support has helped make this project a reality.”


What did Lauren Boebert’s critics say regarding her self-congratulatory tweet?

The congresswoman with far-right affiliations is currently seeking to transition to a more conservative congressional district in the Centennial State following a series of scandals that have jeopardized her position in her current seat, according to RawStory.

Rep Jason Crow (D-CO) called her out on X, saying, "Hey Colorado!! @RepBoebert actually voted against this funding. Now she's trying to take credit! This is why people call DC a swamp ..."


Boebert responded to the fellow Democratic representative from her state, by saying, "Hey Colorado! My office personally secured $1.4 million with my community development project request and also supported the $50 million grant that was received for the South Bridge Project.”

“@repjasoncrow has voted to fund and enable the Biden border crisis every chance he gets. if you’re sick of your tax dollars funding free benefits for illegal aliens blame Jason and his Democrat friends!" she alleged.


Boebert faced criticism for celebrating funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which she had previously voted against. The funding was for a project in her state and is a signature program of the Biden administration.

The White House’s official X account reposted her tweet with the caption, "One thing about Congressional Republicans…they’re going to take credit for investments they voted against.”


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg lambasted Boebert on X, where he asked, "Congresswoman, in what way do you believe that your support helped this project?" 

Buttigieg continued, "We chose it because it's a good project, and funded it using President Biden's infrastructure package, which you voted against."


Internet trolls Lauren Boebert for staking claim in funding of bridge project in state

One X user remarked, "“We have secured?” “…my support”? You literally voted against the bill and went around the country saying it was bad because it had no “infrastructure” in it. You two clowns didn’t have f**k all to do with it being selected or built. As always claiming credit for work you didn’t do like calling yourself a “mother.”"


Another user asked, "Isn't this the bill you voted against? @RepBoebert."


Another user wrote, "The funds you voted against and are taking credit for like the useless rep you are? Wake up CD4. She's useless."


One user claimed, "You voted against this. It’s in the Congressional Record."


Another X user remarked, "You love to take credit for everything you vote against for your constituents. Beetlejuice Boebert, you're a real piece of work."


Finally, this user tweeted, "Thank you @POTUS and Dems. You voted against it, and now you want credit? It's "we" now, huh? We see through you."



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