'Working man's messiah!' Internet trolls Trump after he reportedly promises low taxes for billionaire donors at fundraiser

'Working man's messiah!' Internet trolls Trump after he reportedly promises low taxes for billionaire donors at fundraiser
Former President Donald Trump reportedly gave a private speech to billionaire donors at a fundraising gala in Palm Beach, Florida, on Saturday night (Getty Images)

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA: Former President Donald Trump, in a private speech to donors in Palm Beach, Florida on Saturday night, stressed the importance of extending his signature tax cuts to some of the nation’s wealthiest political supporters.

A readout of his remarks provided by a Trump campaign official highlighted Trump's focus on key issues, including energy production, border security, inflation reduction, and extending the Trump Tax Cuts.

Trump's remarks at fundraiser

The campaign official stated, “Trump spoke on the need to win back the White House so we can turn our country around, focusing on key issues including unleashing energy production, securing our southern border, reducing inflation, extending the Trump Tax Cuts, eliminating Joe Biden’s insane [electric vehicle] mandate, protecting Israel, and avoiding global war."

However, despite the significance of Trump's remarks, the campaign declined requests from NBC News to have a reporter present for the speech or to release a full transcript.

The fundraising dinner, hosted at the residence of billionaire hedge fund investor John Paulson, was said to have generated an impressive $50.5 million for a joint effort benefiting Trump’s campaign, his Save America political action committee, the Republican National Committee, and various state parties.

This sum is nearly double the amount raised at a recent gala organized by President Biden’s campaign.


In response to Trump's pledge to extend the 2017 tax cuts, President Biden released a video criticizing Trump’s promises to extend tax cuts for the wealthy beyond 2025, when many provisions are set to expire. Standing alongside Senator Bernie Sanders, Biden accused Trump of making such assurances to his affluent associates.

“When he thinks the cameras are not on, he tells his rich friends, quote, ‘We’re going to give you tax cuts,’” Biden says in the video as he stands alongside Sanders, who ran against him in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary.


Despite Trump's advocacy for tax cuts for the wealthy, he attempted to reconcile this stance with his populist rhetoric, suggesting that both the rich and poor desire change. Trump greeted reporters upon arrival at the fundraiser, asserting, “People are just wanting change. The rich people want it. Poor people want it. Everybody wants change.”

During the event, Trump praised the expertise of the assembled donors, recognizing them as leaders in their fields. “We have expertise in this room that’s incredible — every one of you are leaders,” he said, per the campaign official.

Joining Trump at the fundraiser were several of his former primary rivals, including Senator Tim Scott, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum. Republican National Committee co-chairs Lara Trump and Michael Whatley also addressed the audience.

Trump's 2017 tax cuts significantly reduced income tax rates for the majority of Americans, including top earners and many lower-income individuals. However, critics argue that extending certain provisions, such as tax breaks for pass-through businesses, would disproportionately benefit the wealthiest Americans and contribute to a substantial loss of government revenue.


Social media calls out 'quid pro quo'

Critics of Trump lambasted him on social media after he appeared to highlight the importance of extending his signature tax cuts to the wealthy on Saturday.

"And that is a surprise to whom?" one posted on X.

"Ah yes, the working man's messiah!" another reacted.

"Of course. The GOP is owned by and only benefits the wealthy," a comment read.

"I mean why should the rich pay taxes ?? Let the poor eat cake if they have no bread," someone else offered.

"Isn’t this quid pro quo? Sounds like if the wealthy political donors give trump millions of dollars, they get extended tax cuts in return. DonPoorleone not only broke but he can’t even run a fair campaign without shady dealings behind the scenes," another chimed in.






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