Adam Schiff gets slammed as he advises Joe Biden's campaign to go after Donald Trump over guilty verdict

Adam Schiff gets slammed as he advises Joe Biden's campaign to go after Donald Trump over guilty verdict
Adam Schiff suggested that Joe Biden should not shy away from highlighting Trump’s extensive legal troubles (Adam Schiff/YouTube, Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: Representative Adam Schiff has suggested President Joe Biden to leverage former President Donald Trump’s conviction in the New York hush money case as a key campaign point. Schiff's remarks have ignited a storm of reactions online, with many criticizing his approach.

During a recent appearance on CNN’s 'State of the Union' with Kasie Hunt, Schiff suggested that Biden should not shy away from highlighting Trump’s extensive legal troubles, as reported by The Hill.


Adam Schiff says Trump's conviction provides compelling narrative against his White House bid

"I think for the president, there’s a time and a place for each argument," Schiff expressed. "On the day of the conviction, that day thereafter, I can understand the president staying above the fray and demonstrating his respect and expressing his respect for the jury system. But I think the president should be leaning into this going forward."

Schiff emphasized the significance of Trump's conviction, arguing it provides a compelling narrative against his potential return to the White House.

"His competitor is a convicted felon. And you can only imagine if the situation was reversed, they would be going after Joe Biden with a vengeance. They’re making those false claims about Joe Biden, regardless. So I think not only the president, but Democrats need to be making the case forcefully to American people," he explained.

Trump was found guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records on May 30, a verdict that Schiff believes underscores the risk of having Trump in the Oval Office.

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Joe Biden condemned Donald Trump’s reaction to the guilty verdict (Getty Images)

"You want the country run properly, you don’t want a convicted felon to turn the Oval Office and the federal government into some kind of a racketeering operation. I think that’s a powerful case to make and certainly one supported by the verdict here," Schiff added.

In response to Trump's conviction, President Biden’s campaign has already started to capitalize on the situation. Following the jury’s decision, Biden’s team quickly moved to link the verdict to their fundraising efforts. Biden’s X page posted a link to a fundraising page, and a campaign email described Trump as a "convicted felon."

Biden’s campaign was cautious about directly attacking Trump over the hush money case while the trial was ongoing. However, as the verdict neared, the campaign organized an event featuring actor Robert De Niro outside the courthouse to argue why voters should choose Biden over Trump.

Biden himself condemned Trump’s reaction to the trial, calling Trump’s claims that the trial was "rigged" both "irresponsible" and "reckless." The campaign further asserted that Trump’s conduct post-verdict illustrated why he is unfit for the presidency.

(Adam Schiff/Facebook)
Adam Schiff argues Donald Trump's conviction provides a compelling narrative against his White House bid (Adam Schiff/Facebook)

Adam Schiff asking Joe Biden to take advantage of Donald Trump's conviction sparks fury online

Schiff’s comments advising Biden to take advantage of Trump's conviction sparked a wave of backlash online. One user on Facebook remarked, "Every time they go after President Trump he raises tens of millions of dollars!!"

Another user criticized Schiff directly, stating, "Schiff is the quintessential Democrat… ignorant to the facts and reality and focused only on division… hatred… and the Party above ALL." "Trump only leads in every single swing state. Nothing has changed, except Trump is getting stronger," wrote one commenter.

Another predicted, "Once Trump is elected, Schiff will be one of the first to be frog marched to prison." "Schiff - biggest liar in the House, he should be in jail. Democrats have politicized the DOJ - no different to Hitler," another user posted.

"Still won’t help Biden’s record low approval ratings," one user noted. Another added, "Nobody is buying the BS anymore!" "Biden has messed up our nation so badly that it won't do him any good," wrote another user.

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