Anthony Scaramucci criticizes Nikki Haley's endorsement for Donald Trump, says 'there's no backbone' in her decision

Anthony Scaramucci criticizes Nikki Haley's endorsement for Donald Trump, says 'there's no backbone' in her decision
Anthony Scaramucci (L) slammed Nikki Haley's support for Donald Trump (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: Anthony Scaramucci has publicly criticized Nikki Haley for her recent endorsement of Donald Trump by saying, "There’s no backbone in her decision."

The former Trump aide weighed in on the former UN Ambassador's support for the 77-year-old politician, according to The Hill.

Anthony Scaramucci says Nikki Haley 'knows the danger' of backing Donald Trump

Speaking to Wolf Blitzer during his appearance on CNN's 'The Situation Room' on Friday, May 24, Scaramucci said, Haley "knows the danger."

AUSTIN, TEXAS - MARCH 13: Anthony Scaramucci speaks during the Q+A for the
Anthony Scaramucci said Nikki Haley knows the danger of endorsing Donald Trump (Getty Images)

“She’s smarter than what she’s doing right now. But there’s no backbone in her decision,” he said.

“She’s obviously been influenced by these campaign apparatchiks and these campaign consultants that tell her, ‘Hey, you better support Donald Trump [or] you have no future in that party,'” said Scaramucci.

Nikki Haley's endorsement for Donald Trump

Scaramucci's criticism follows Haley's recent announcement that she would support Trump over President Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential elections.

Despite her previous rivalry with Trump over the 2024 primary race before she dropped her candidacy in March, Haley declared her support for the former president during a speech at the conservative Hudson Institute. 

WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 09:  U.S. President Donald Trump announces that he has accepted the resigna
Nikki Haley announced she will vote for Donald Trump (Getty Images)

“Trump has not been perfect on these policies. I’ve made that clear, many, many times,” said the diplomat who served as the governor of South California.

“But Biden has been a catastrophe. So, I will be voting for Trump,” she added. 

Scaramucci countered Haley's stance, noting that she had secured significant support, gaining at least 20 percent of the vote in Maryland and 18 percent in Nebraska, and argued that these results demonstrated she had the potential to continue her campaign and challenge Trump further.

After the former GOP candidate suspended her campaign, Haley declined to endorse the former president and insisted that he would need to "earn" the support of her followers.

Donald Trump suggests Nikki Haley to be on his team

As MEAWW previously reported, in response to Haley's endorsement, Trump suggested she could join his team.

"Well, I think she's gonna be on our team because we have a lot of the same ideas, the same thoughts," said the 77-year-old who called her a "capable person."

Donald Trump suggested Nikki Haley to be on his team (Getty Images)

"You know, we had a nasty campaign; it was pretty nasty. But she's a very capable person, and I'm sure she's going to be on our team in some form. Absolutely," he added.

Internet divided over Anthony Scaramucci's criticism of Nikki Haley

Reacting to Scaramucci's criticism of Haley, one user on X (formerly Twitter) wrote, "Nikki is a symptom of the sickness that threatens to envelope our democracy."


One user wrote, "Given the fact that two unfit candidates are running, the decision as to which is the least unfit is a close call. Scaramucci, who was fired, may have an axe to grind and sees it one way. Haley, who had a nasty campaign battle, sees it another. Competent candidates solve it."


"Yes there is . She chose to do the right thing which is not easy," a netizen opined.


"He doesn’t see the stark differences for America between Trump and the Biden administration? He’s taking his marbles and going home. He cares little about America," a user tweeted.


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