'Election year fearmongering': Internet slams Rep Elise Stefanik for labeling Biden's secret migrant flights 'assault on national security'

'Election year fearmongering': Internet slams Rep Elise Stefanik for labeling Biden's secret migrant flights 'assault on national security'
Rep Elise Stefanik criticized President Joe Biden for secretly flying in 320k migrants (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: Rep Elise Stefanik criticized the Biden administration for covertly transporting undocumented migrants from foreign nations to the United States via flights.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Joe Biden's administration recently admitted that they transported 320,000 illegal migrants using taxpayer funds to the US. However, attorneys for the immigration agencies did not disclose the locations, citing that it could lead to national security "vulnerabilities."

The move received widespread backlash against the President as an influx of illegal migrants and the border crisis took center stage in the Trump vs Biden 2024 presidential election showdown.

What did Elise Stefanik say?

The No. 3 House Republican took to X, sharing the Daily Mail report, and wrote, "Not only is Joe Biden ignoring his border crisis, he's facilitating it with taxpayer dollars. This is an assault on our national security and American safety."


According to the report, immigrants arriving in the country will be granted a two-year grace period to obtain legal status. This policy is an extension of the CBP One application, enabling migrants from specific nations south of the US to seek asylum and enter the country without crossing the southern border.

Stefanik's outcry echoed many others who criticized President Biden for misusing taxpayer funds and allowing undocumented migrants to enter the country in a legally ambiguous way.

MISSION, TEXAS - DECEMBER 11: U.S. Border Patrol agents detain undocumented immigrants caught near a
Illegal migrants crossing US southern border is a central issue of the 2024 presidential race (Getty Images)

Tech mogul Elon Musk made controversial claims, sharing a screenshot of the report on X. "This administration is both importing voters and creating a national security threat from unvetted illegal immigrants," he wrote, arguing, "It is highly probable that the groundwork is being laid for something far worse than 9/11. Just a matter of time."

Donald Trump's take on the report

Former President Donald Trump responded to the shocking report during his Super Tuesday victory speech in Palm Beach, Florida, on March 5.

"Today, it was just announced before I came out – it was unbelievable. I said that must be a mistake," the presumptive GOP nominee said during his remarks.

He further slammed Biden's Democratic administration for wanting open borders.

"They flew 325,000 migrants. Flew them in, over the borders, into our country. So that really tells you where they're coming from," he said, adding, "They want open borders and open borders are going to destroy our country. We need borders and we need free and fair elections."

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 05: U.S. President Donald Trump talks to reporters as he leaves the White Hou
Donald Trump slammed the Biden administration for transporting illegal migrants to the US via flights (Getty Images)

The worsening migrant crisis being the focal point of Trump's campaign against Biden, the latest revelations add to the former's criticism of the current administration's inability to reduce the number of illegal immigrants entering the nation.

Internet slams Elise Stefanik

Stefanik, who is speculated to be Trump's potential VP pick, received intense online backlash as netizens questioned her for not acting upon the issue by backing the border security bill.

One user wrote, "Election year fear mongering. Do better."


"Why haven’t you tried to fix the problem Elise?" another person questioned.


A user asked, "Then why did you vote against enhanced border protections."


"Are you joking? Being ironic? You know you and your fellow republicans [sic] kept the border bill from being considered…" a response read.


Someone else said, "You lie. He's prepared to sign the most comprehensive bill in decades, drafted with Senate Republicans. If we don't have a bill today, it's bc of the Party of Trump, and you are one of its most outspoken members."


"You are to blame," another person plainly stated.


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