'Found another person to hate': Internet disagrees as Joy Behar warns RFK Jr is 'dangerous' threat to President Biden

'Found another person to hate': Internet disagrees as Joy Behar warns RFK Jr is 'dangerous' threat to President Biden
Joy Behar sounded off on Robert F Kennedy Jr on April 2, arguing he is 'very dangerous' and a threat to President Biden's re-election chances (Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: 'The View' co-host Joy Behar strongly criticized Robert F Kennedy Jr on April 2, labeling him as "very dangerous" and a "threat" to President Biden's re-election prospects.

Behar expressed her concerns about RFK Jr's statements, particularly referencing a clip from his interview with CNN's Erin Burnett where he argued that President Biden posed a greater threat to democracy than former President Trump.

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Joy Behar deems RFK Jr 'dangerous' threat to Biden 

"First of all, he’s a threat, I think more to Biden, just because of his name. That people out there, they’re not really looking into things. I think they think, 'oh Kennedy, Democrat, yeah I'll vote for him.' Meanwhile, he is a conspiracy theorist, anti-science," Behar began saying.

"His whole family is voting for Biden and this type of dangerous rhetoric that Joe Biden is a bigger threat to democracy than the man who wanted to throw over the government, overthrow the government," she continued.

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Co-host Sara Haines chimed in, stating that Kennedy's assertions were incorrect and that he should redirect his anger toward Instagram rather than President Biden.

Joy Behar slammed RFK Jr during 'The View', saying he is a major threat to President Biden because he is a Kennedy (@TheView/YouTube)

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"He's also wrong in what he’s saying. So he's talking about the First Amendment, it being the most important one, and that someone's squashing speech on social media, but President Biden is not responsible for private social media companies. The First Amendment is for the government, it does not apply, necessarily, to private companies who decide to ban you," she said. 

Furthermore, Haines pointed out that Kennedy had been sharing debunked studies and theories on social media platforms and continued to spread misinformation.

Behar echoed Haines' sentiments, describing RFK Jr as a "liar" due to his repeated dissemination of false information.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - DECEMBER 12: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. attends the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights H
Robert F Kennedy Jr's statements have sparked outrage from several corners (Getty Images)

During his CNN interview on April 1, as reported by Fox News Digital, Kennedy asserted, "I can make the argument that President Biden is much worse."

He elaborated, stating, "And the reason for that is President Biden is the first candidate in history, the first president in history that has used the federal agencies to censor political speech or censor his opponent."

Social media reacts to 'The View' debate over RFK Jr

In March, Behar voiced her concerns about RFK Jr and expressed apprehension that his actions could undermine the election and potentially benefit Trump.

"Someone needs to question him: Why are you engaging in this behavior? What is your motive behind potentially disrupting the election and aiding Trump?" Behar scolded.

Sara Haines said Kennedy had been repeating debunked studies and theories on social media platforms, and argued he continues to lie about it (TheView/YouTube)

"He comes from the Kennedy lineage. His ancestors must be turning in their graves. His own family is advising him – we already have one clown in the race. Do we need two of them?" she added.

Haines offered a different perspective, suggesting that she didn't believe Kennedy was intentionally attempting to "ruin the election," but was rather seeking to appeal to voters like herself who advocate for the inclusion of third-party candidates in future elections.

The hosts' statements were discussed in social media, with one viewer saying, "Now we know he is right. Haha."


Another noted, "Oh God. They found another man to hate."


Someone else said, "Is it wrong that I love seeing that Joy is annoyed by RFK?" "Joy, the personification of a giant eye roll," said one person.



"Guess the truth really stings doesn’t it," quipped another.


"Nonsense. Total nonsense," a comment read.


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