George Conway predicts a second Trump term would result in 'civil disorder' like no one has seen before

George Conway predicts a second Trump term would result in 'civil disorder' like no one has seen before
George Conway has been one of the harshest critics of Donald Trump (The Daily Show/YouTube, Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: George Conway expressed confidence that Donald Trump, who he staunchly opposes, will be "defeated at the ballot box" in the 2024 election during his Thursday, June 6 appearance on 'The Daily Show'

However, the conservative lawyer also emphasized the gravity of the situation should the presumptive GOP nominee win against President Joe Biden in November, predicting that it would cause a "civil disorder like you’ve never seen" as Trump would "try to violate every law."


George Conway warns of massive protests and economic turmoil if Donald Trump wins in 2024

Speaking to host Ronny Chieng on the show, George, who was married to Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, envisioned widespread protests and warned of severe economic consequences in case the former president managed to attain office. 

He noted, "You'd see an unprecedented outflow of both human and financial capital from the US."

People would object and take to the streets, George Conway predicted to host Ronny Chieng (The Daily Show)
George Conway and Ronny Chieng  discussed the possibility of Donald Trump getting reelected (The Daily Show/YouTube)

The lawyer believes that these concerns will become more prominent as the election approaches, ultimately leading to a Biden victory. "I think common sense will prevail," opined George.

He advised liberals, "Don’t get mad." Instead, he recommended mocking and ridiculing Trump, similar to the route taken by late-night comedians.

Some of Trump's proposals regarding his possible second term seem fantastical, as per the BBC.

His administration apparently plans to invest in flying cars and develop "freedom cities" on vacant federal land, where Americans can live and work free from burdensome regulations.

Other ideas are more controversial, such as his suggestion to round up the homeless and relocate them to tent camps outside US cities until their "problems can be identified."

Some initiatives delve directly into the culture wars, like the MAGA leader's desire for state school teachers to be mandated to "embrace patriotic values."

Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to the media after his trial for allegedly covering up hush money payments at Manhattan Criminal Court on May 20, 2024 in New York City. Trump faces 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in the first of his criminal cases to go to trial. (Photo by Mark Peterson - Pool/Getty Images)
Donald Trump has made fantastical and controversial promises for a possible second term (Mark Peterson - Pool/Getty Images)

Internet reacts to George Conway's predictions regarding Donald Trump's potential second term

Netizens had mixed opinions regarding George's predictions, with one expressing, "I agree with Conway. Trump himself has told us over and over again what he will do if he gets back in the Oval office. Use the power of the government to go after anyone and anybody who wronged him in someway."

Another observed, "George is right- he has put his money where his mouth is- We are really being warned and its time this country listened. Normal people are but, the walnuts? Not so much." 

"A learned conservative like George Conway speaking truth to the MAGA cult gives me hope for our democracy," added one more. A viewer of the show wrote, "It is rewarding hearing a conservative who does not peddle alternative facts."

On the other hand, a possible Trump supporter noted, "George Conway is as scared as hell because he, not only criticized, but also make fun of trump. Better prepare to leave the country," and another echoed, "George has major TDS," referring to Trump derangement syndrome. 

"Like I've said before, Conway is a very disturbed person, who needs lots of therapy!" offered an individual, while one more argued, "Does George think it could be worse than what Biden has done? If so he is reinforcing Kelly Ann’s reasons to leave him. He is a political hack."

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