Internet backs Megyn Kelly as she says Kristi Noem's chances of being VP are 'dead' after puppygate

Internet backs Megyn Kelly as she says Kristi Noem's chances of being VP are 'dead' after puppygate
Meegyn Kelly says Kristi Noem (Screenshots/NewsNation, Foxnews)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In a searing assessment, former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has declared South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem's hopes of clinching the GOP vice presidential nomination as bleak, following a firestorm ignited by Noem's revelation of shooting her dog and other contentious disclosures detailed in her recent memoir.

Noem's book has ignited widespread condemnation, particularly over her admission of killing a hunting dog named Cricket, whom she deemed a threat to livestock and humans.

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Megyn Kelly says Kristi Noem's chances of being VP dismal

Noem’s decision to include her dog’s story in her memoir has sparked a wave of criticism, with many questioning her ethics and judgment. Noem’s claim to have met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, which she has since distanced herself from, has further raised questions about her credibility.

During a recent appearance on Elizabeth Vargas Reports on NewsNation, Kelly expressed skepticism over Noem's political viability, stating unequivocally, "She's done. She's toast." 

Kelly replied. “She’s toast. I mean, Trump likes her because she’s been in his camp since very early on in ’16 and he likes that. But Trump – say what you will about him – is not dumb. And he knows she’s a loser and she will hurt his ticket and violate the number one rule – the only rule in picking a vice president, which is do no harm.”

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Kristi Noem could alienate crucial voter demographic

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Kelly emphasized the importance of avoiding controversy when selecting a vice presidential candidate, stressing that Noem's dog-shooting anecdote and questions surrounding her honesty could prove harmful, particularly with suburban women—a demographic Trump is eager to win over.

In a pointed barb, Kelly also took aim at Noem's appearance, “How are they gonna react to this lying, dog-killing person, who, by the way, not for nothing, Elizabeth, but the weird extra oomph of the glam that she’s doing is also not helping her,” she said. “She’s got about as much truth in that head of hair as she does in that book she’s trying to sell. And I don’t think these women are going to revolt. They’re not gonna vote for her.”

Ultimately, Kelly predicted that Noem's controversial actions and questionable credibility would repel potential supporters, rendering her an untenable choice for vice president.

Internet slams Kristi Noem over false claims in her memoir 

As public scrutiny intensifies, a chorus of voices on social media platforms have expressed skepticism and criticism over Governor Kristi Noem's actions and statements.

One user wrote, "Traveling the world and talk to world leaders? What world leaders would want to talk with the governor of South Dakota with a population of less then a million people? South Dakota's US economy share is 0.3 per cent, less than 1 per cent. Ya she is a big shot on the world stage."

Another said, "Noem's dodging of the question about Kim Jong Un reminded me of Trump dodging the question of what is his favorite bible verse. Everyone knows Noem did not meet with KJU and everyone knows Trump has never read the bible."

One user wrote, "She was on a crime spree!" 

Another wrote, "She had to write about the dog story cos enough people in Washington knew it happened and if she were picked as the VP, they would have found out anyway. SO she was trying to get ahead of the story. Not sure how she thought she could get away with telling a fake story i guess."

One said, "I have a difficult time believing there are women who want Noem to represent them."

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