Internet divided as Jo Koy says he was 'just supporting' Taylor Swift and had no ‘ill intent’ in joke

Internet divided as Jo Koy says he was 'just supporting' Taylor Swift and had no ‘ill intent’ in Golden Globes joke
Jo Koy faced backlash over his Taylor Swift joke during the Golden Globes 2024 (Instagram/@jokoy, @taylorswift)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: From the moment the Golden Globes 2024 kicked off on Sunday, January 7, in Beverly Hills, California, it has been a whirlwind of headlines.

The glamorous appearances of the stars, Dua Lipa's dress difficulties, and the buzz around host Jo Koy have all caught the public's attention.

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Koy, who was already in the news before the event, became even more talked about after making an NFL joke about pop singer Taylor Swift.

The singer's unamused expression as she sipped her drink has become well-known.

In response to the backlash and online trolling following Koy's Golden Globes 2024 joke, the comedian has now made a statement saying he is "just supporting" the singer.

Jo Koy says he is 'just supporting' Taylor Swift

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(@jokoy, @Golden Globes/Instagram)
 Taylor Swift was not amused at Jo Koy's joke during the Golden Globes 2024 (@jokoy, @Golden Globes/Instagram)

In his debut as the host of the Golden Globes, the 52-year-old comedian took a playful dig at Swift, stating, "The big difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL? At the Golden Globes, we have fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift."

However, when the joke didn't land as expected, he promptly said, "Sorry about that."

Despite his apology, the 12-time Grammy winner didn't seem to find the humor in the situation, giving him a stern look while sipping her drink.

In a subsequent interview with the LA Times, Koy clarified that his comment was intended to poke fun at the NFL, not Swift.

"I didn't understand the Taylor [Swift] tiff," he confessed in the interview published on Thursday, January 11.

He expressed his disappointment, saying, "What hurts the most is me just supporting Taylor, I support her, I love her work. I got nieces that I bought tickets for. There's no ill intent in that joke."

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Internet reacts to Jo Koy's statement

Jo Koy slammed for making fun of Taylor Swift at the 2024 Golden Globes (Instagram/@goldenglobes)
Jo Koy's  joke on Taylor Swift has been 'blown out of proportion' according to some social media users (Instagram/@goldenglobes)

The Internet reacted quickly to Jo Koy remark that he was "just supporting" Taylor Swift in his Golden Globes jokes.

"Stop further embarrassing yourself. What a pathetic "comedian". It's called a JOKE ppl & it wasn't even insulting. Jeeze!" commented a user on Facebook

"Move on. It wasn’t funny and she didn’t laugh. Shows over," said another. 

One person wrote, "Ughh...DON'T apologize- makes it look worse than it was. A harmless joke. She should have laughed it off like everyone else, but maybe that comes with maturity..."

A user mentioned, "He should've added some few more lines and expressed his love for TS."

"She's human she didn't think it was funny and it's all blown out of proportion," reacted another. 

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