‘This is called gossip’: Byron Donalds faces severe backlash as he accuses Joe Biden of using injections to ‘look coherent’

‘This is called gossip’: Byron Donalds faces severe backlash as he accuses Joe Biden of using injections to ‘look coherent’
Byron Donalds is rumored to be under consideration as Donald Trump's running mate, lending a motivation to his inflammatory rhetoric about Joe Biden (NewsNation/YouTube, Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: Republican Representative Byron Donalds recently stirred controversy by baselessly accusing President Joe Biden of using "injections" to "look "coherent" during public appearances.

Donalds' unfounded claim, made during a Fox News interview on Sunday, May 19, drew immediate backlash and skepticism, even from the network's host Maria Bartiromo, as reported by Rolling Stone.


Byron Donalds makes unfounded claim about Joe Biden using 'injections' for public events

During the interview, Bartiromo was taken aback by Donalds' unfounded assertion. "These are obviously very serious charges… We’re not doctors. We have no idea," she remarked, emphasizing the speculative nature of Donalds' comments. This wasn’t the first time Bartiromo encountered such accusations.

Just days earlier, GOP Representative Greg Murphy made similar claims on Fox Business, suggesting that Biden was "jacked up on something" during the State of the Union address, though he failed to provide any concrete evidence.

Murphy, a surgeon, stated, "I was in the State of the Union address, and Joe Biden must have been jacked up on something that day. I absolutely believe that from a medical viewpoint and actually have a little bit of good knowledge that happened."

Joe Biden (Getty Images)
Questions have been constantly raised about Joe Biden's health and mental acuity (Getty Images)

He continued, casting doubt on Biden’s stamina and cognitive abilities, "He can’t stand, and he can’t stand under the lights for that long, and I don’t think he can keep a concept in his brain that long."

When pressed for details, Murphy cryptically offered to share his "evidence" offline, saying, "Maybe we can talk offline, and I’ll show you something that proves that." However, he failed to present any substantial proof during the live discussion.

Donalds and Murphy appeared to be following the playbook of former President Donald Trump, who has constantly cast doubt on Biden's health and capabilities. Notably, Donalds has been rumored to be under consideration as Trump's potential running mate, lending a strategic motivation to his inflammatory rhetoric.

Byron Donalds is rumored to be in contention for Donald Trump's running mate which may explain his unfounded claim about Joe Biden (NewsNation/YouTube)

Byron Donalds draws backlash online for baseless claim about Joe Biden

The Internet was quick to hit back at Donalds' unfounded allegation about Biden.

"Faux-victimhood and loony conspiracies. That's pretty much sums you up what the GOP has become," one X user wrote.


"This is beyond disgusting. When you say there should be drug testing you mean both Biden and Trump should be tested…right? What a jackass. Just another stunt to besmirch the good name of Joe Biden," another remarked.


A third user quipped, "This is what happens when the YouTube comment section gets elected to Congress," while a fourth stated, "Reckless speculation without any factual basis. . Ladies and gentlemen, this is called gossip."



Others questioned Donalds' mental state, with one user stating, "@ByronDonalds is what untreated mental illness looks like," and another wrote, "Now, it's time for President Biden's attorney to demand a public apology from Byron Daniel. He crossed the line with his injection lies."



The backlash extended to Donalds' home state, with one declaring, "Byron Donald's one of Florida's great embarrassments," and another mentioned "Rep Byron Donald's is such a disgusting LIAR that no one should take anything he has to say as the truth. Not even if his tongue comes notarized."



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