Internet labels Donald Trump 'idiot' for implying Hillary Clinton used 'acid' to wipe her computer

Internet labels Donald Trump 'idiot' for implying Hillary Clinton used 'acid' to wipe her computer
During an interview, Donald Trump claimed that Hillary Clinton erased her computer with acid, wrongly suggesting a computer software to be a dangerous chemical (Getty Images)

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA: During an interview with Newsmax host Greg Kelly, former President Donald Trump implied that former POTUS Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had gotten away with dubious deeds.

The 77-year-old 2024 GOP presidential nominee didn’t just bring up Hillary Clinton's emails again on Wednesday night, but he also appeared to be out of touch with the scandal that helped him win the US presidency back in 2016.

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On ‘Greg Kelly Reports’ where the host was more amicable than most, Kelly suggested that Trump was protected by "the hand of God" and asked him uncharacteristically non-threatening questions like whether it was "lonely" for him at the top, prompting the MAGA strongman to go on a tirade about his former Democratic opponent, according to the Daily Beast.

What did Donald Trump say about the Clintons?

"They released Hillary Clinton," Trump said, implying that the former Secretary of State was not criminally convicted for her "extremely careless" handling of confidential information via a private email server.

"She hammered her phones. She used all sorts of acid testing and everything else," he added, referring to the former FLOTUS's deletion of emails stored on her work server that were deemed private by her staff.


Subsequently, Trump attempted to imply that Hillary had erased her computer with acid, emphasizing it as a potentially lethal chemical weapon.

“They call it BleachBit, but it’s essentially acid that will destroy everything, you know, within ten miles. I mean, what she did was unbelievable. Nothing happens to her,” he asserted.

The camera focuses on host Greg Kelly who is seen nodding in apparent agreement.


However, it must be noted that the claim made by the former President is completely baseless and lacks any factual evidence.

BleachBit is not a toxic chemical or liquid, but rather a software that helps to free up disk space, as per RawStory.

A representative for the former president said, when contacted for comment on Wednesday night, that "President Trump referenced BleachBit which is the software Hillary used to illegally delete emails from a private server she used while serving as Secretary of State."

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However, the representative did not address Trump's repeated references to "acid" in relation to Clinton's email scandal.

Additionally, Trump took issue with the fact that former President Bill Clinton appeared to have gotten away with it all in the infamous "Socks Case."

"Nothing happens to Bill Clinton. He took it out in his socks," he remarked. "You know the famous Socks Case which he ended up winning."

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Per LawFare, the “Socks Case” involved the recorded conversations between the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, and the historian Taylor Branch.

These recordings were created as a guide for the book titled 'The Clinton Tapes', published in 2009.

According to Trump, Clinton had placed the tapes in his sock drawer to prevent the staff from tampering with them and ensuring that there was no unauthorized disclosure of the highly classified content.

Internet trolls Donald Trump

People on X mocked the former POTUS for trying to suggest that Hillary wiped her computer using acid which he erroneously describes as a lethal chemical, despite it being a software program.

One X user remarked, "Anyone else have a hard time believing either of those stories?"


"He's mentally deficient," another user said.


Another user wrote, "I wonder if he even knows it's software."


One user quipped, "I feel bad for SNL….. I mean, how the HELL are they going to choose content this week? So much material and it’s only Wednesday."


Another X user explained, "I believe the term “acid wash”, in this tech context, meant computer programs that have the ability to complete obliterate all data from a hard drive so it is absolutely unrecoverable. BleachBit might be somewhat of an example. Trump thinks “acid” meant Hillary literally poured acid over the hard drive, it would seem. Idiot."


Finally, this user tweeted, "Socks was the name of their cat."



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