Internet says Marco Rubio 'pandering for VP nod' after he vows to reject election results if they are 'unfair'

Internet says Marco Rubio 'pandering for VP nod' after he vows to reject election results if they are 'unfair'
Senator Marco Rubio said he would not accept the 2024 election results if they were not fair (Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla) stated that he would have to see how the 2024 presidential election unfolds before accepting the results, the New York Post reports.

Speaking with NBC’s 'Meet the Press Sunday,' the rumored frontrunning Vice Presidential contender for presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump tried to explain his stance by highlighting that Democrats had expressed doubts about Republican victories in past elections.

Rubio is not the only GOP Vice Presidential hopeful who has denied pre-commitment to the acceptance of the 2024 election results, as Sen Tim Scott (R-SC) and North Dakota Gov Doug Burgum have voiced similar opinions.

Marco Rubio says he will not accept results if elections 'unfair' 

NBC Moderator Kristen Welker asked Rubio if he would accept the results of the upcoming election "no matter what happens,” Rubio replied, "No matter what happens? No! If it’s an unfair election, I think it’s going to be contested by each side."

Welker clarified that she was asking if the Senator would respect the outcome “no matter who wins," to which his response was, "I think you’re asking the wrong person. The Democrats are the ones that have opposed every Republican victory since 2000. Every single one."

Rubio went on to claim that Hillary Clinton had suggested in the past that "Trump was illegitimate,” and the sentiment was echoed by Vice President Kamala Harris.

"By the way, there are Democrats serving in Congress today who in 2004 voted not to certify the Ohio vote. And you have Democrats now saying they won’t certify 2024 because Trump is an insurrectionist and ineligible to hold office," he continued. "I bet you’ve never asked a Democrat that question,” he snapped. 

The topic of the GOP Vice Presidential race for 2024 also came up during the conversation, with Rubio remarking that it "would be presumptuous for me" to share at the moment if he would be accepting the position if offered.

“I think anyone who’s offered that job to serve this country in the second highest office — assuming everything else in your life makes sense at that moment — if you’re interested in serving the country, it’s an incredible place to serve," he added, quipping that he would make an announcement on the subject ahead of the Republican National Convention, scheduled to take place from July 15 to 18.

Internet says Marco Rubio is stating the obvious 

The internet had varied reactions to Marco Rubio's comments. 

"If it’s an obvious sham, why would anyone with a backbone accept it?" inquired a user on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), backing Rubio's stance.


"So if his side loses it’s unacceptable and fixed if his side wins it’s fair," jibed another.


"No one should accept the results if there’s not election integrity," stated a third user.


"What is he, an Infant? All Elections are unfair to whomever loses," slammed a fourth.


"No one should accept 2024 election results until democrats can prove illegals aren’t voting," commented a fifth.


One user said, "He's really pandering for the VP nod."


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