Internet shreds Megyn Kelly as she slams 'power-hungry' Jill Biden for running 'shadow presidency'

'Your groveling is pathetic': Internet shreds Megyn Kelly as she slams 'power-hungry' Jill Biden for running 'shadow presidency'
Megyn Kelly criticized First Lady Jill Biden, calling her a 'power-hungry aspirant' (Piers Morgan Uncensored/Youtube)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: During an appearance on 'Piers Morgan Uncensored' on the night of July 3, Megyn Kelly criticized First Lady Jill Biden, labeling her as a "power-hungry aspirant" who is allegedly leveraging her husband President Joe Biden's perceived frailty to run a "shadow presidency."

In a conversation with Piers Morgan, Kelly condemned Jill Biden for her appearance on the cover of Vogue, suggesting that the First Lady is fixated on gaining "the affirmation of strangers" and uses her PhD to garner "honorarium."

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Megyn Kelly criticizes Jill Biden as self-serving and manipulative

Kelly and Morgan discussed the current political climate in the United States during their interview, which covered various topics and quickly amassed over a million views.

During the interview, Piers Morgan asked, "What do you think of Jill Biden’s role here and her responsibilities?"

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Megyn Kelly responded with a scathing critique, portraying Jill Biden as a self-serving individual who exploits her husband's position for her own "political power."

She accused the First Lady of being a manipulative figure, prioritizing self-promotion over supporting her husband's presidency.

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WILMINGTON, DELAWARE - AUGUST 20: : Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden appears oh stage with
Megyn Kelly described Jill Biden as a villainous self-promoting player who is using her husband, Joe Biden's position to make a play for 'political power' (Getty Images)

"I think she’s been exposed as a power-hungry aspirant herself to political power. She is on the cover of Vogue magazine right now. Why? Because she wants to promote herself. She tweeted out a photo of herself sitting in the president’s chair not long ago when he was preparing for the G7 meeting… hanging over the back of his chair," Kelly said.

Kelly further added, "She’s not the damn president. Get out of the chair. No one wants you at the G7. No one elected you to lead us politically."

Kelly criticized Jill Biden for insisting on being addressed as "Dr Jill Biden," suggesting it reflects a desire for power and a fragile ego. While acknowledging the legitimacy of her PhD, Kelly believes the title "doctor" should be reserved for medical professionals.

He highlighted that his own father, who held a PhD, preferred to be addressed as "professor." He believes Jill Biden's insistence on the title is unnecessary, particularly outside of academic or professional contexts.

Megyn Kelly unleashed in a lengthy tirade about Biden with Piers Morgan (Piers Morgan Uncensored/Youtube)
Megyn Kelly delivered an extensive critique of Joe Biden in an interview with Piers Morgan(Piers Morgan Uncensored/Youtube)

Kelly criticized Jill Biden as being power-hungry, linking this perception to her actions on debate night. She compared Jill guiding President Biden down the stairs to a mother helping a toddler.

After the debate, Jill was seen congratulating him, saying, "You did it. You answered all the questions," which Kelly suggested underscored Jill's need for control and affirmation.

"Again, speaking to [him] the way I speak to my dog when he sits on command. This is the leader of the free world. She knows how infirm he is. She wants a shadow presidency," Kelly concluded. 

Internet slams Megyn Kelly for her comments

Megyn Kelly's remarks did not sit well with viewers, leading to severe backlash from the online community.

One viewer expressed, "Megyn Kelly is a mess. Her pundit career is still going downhill. Take that Eva Braun clone racist act somewhere else."

One viewer pointed out, "Loser podcaster/Laura Ingrahag clone says what..?

A follower observed, "I don't remember anybody asking Megan's opinion."

Another viewer shared, "And of course the podcaster can't tell us the source of Jill Biden 'insisting' on being called Dr. Biden. Mags is like Trump-they lie repeatedly and think that no one will catch on to them because they are both ego maniacs." [sic]

One comment stated, "Poor Megyn. Give it up, the Murdochs will never take you back. Your groveling is pathetic." [sic]

Another comment read, "Blackface Megyn + Phone Hacker Piers 2 disgraced failures criticize fLOTUS Jill Biden who changes lives for the better by teaching literacy every day." 

"'Villainous self-promoting player' would be a perfect description of Kelly herself. Her latest Jill bashing is a great example," explained an individual. [sic]

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