Ken Paxton slammed for claiming Biden admin sent 'signal' to Mexican cartels to help win US elections

Internet shreds Texas AG Ken Paxton for claiming Biden admin sent 'signal' to Mexican cartels to help win US elections
Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General, alleged that upon assuming office, President Joe Biden and his administration collaborated with Mexican drug cartels to interfere in domestic elections (Getty Images)

AUSTIN, TEXAS: Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General, alleged on Fox News over the weekend that upon assuming office, President Joe Biden and his administration collaborated with Mexican drug cartels to interfere in domestic elections.

AG Paxton told ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ host Mario Bartiromo, "On day one, Joe Biden of his administration—not a week into it, not a month into it—announced that he wasn't going to deport illegals anymore. Why did he do that? He wanted to signal to the cartels: start bringing people here. They profit from that. Bring them to Border Patrol, you don't have to hide, and we'll move them around.”

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Ever since Joe Biden took office, Paxton, along with Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) and other state officials, has been solely focusing on illegal immigration and legal reforms, according to Newsweek.

This has entailed securing approval for Senate Bill 4 from the state's Republican-led Legislature, which, if upheld by the courts, would authorize the Texas National Guard to enforce current federal immigration laws.

What else did the Texas Attorney General accuse of the Biden administration?

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton asserted that immigrants who cross the US-Mexico border illegally and obtain Social Security numbers and driver's licenses "will vote."

"The plan from the beginning [was to] get these people here as fast as possible and get them voting...Joe Biden can't win this election without illegal voting," Paxton remarked. "This is the biggest threat to our democracy, our republic, that I think we've seen since who knows when."

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Anne Milgram, who leads the US Drug Enforcement Administration, stated to Congress in July last year that the Sinaloa cartel and the Jalisco New Generation cartel, the most powerful criminal organizations in Mexico, have around 45,000 members, associates, facilitators, and brokers in over 100 countries.

The Brennan Center for Justice reports that instances of illegal voting in state and federal elections are "extremely rare."

Their study of 42 jurisdictions in 2016 revealed that approximately 30 out of 23.5 million votes were cast by illegal immigrants, which equates to 0.0001 percent.

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A study by the Cato Institute reached a similar conclusion, finding that "there is no good evidence that noncitizens voted illegally in large enough numbers to actually shift the outcome of elections or even change the number of electoral votes" in 2020.

There are lingering questions about the future of collaboration between the United States and Mexico governments in light of recent and upcoming elections.

On June 2, the people of Mexico overwhelmingly elected Claudia Sheinbaum as the next President, making her the first female leader of the country. She will be succeeding term-limited President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a member of the left-wing Morena party.

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Immigration analysts have speculated on how she will govern in terms of deterring illegal entry of migrants traveling through Mexico to the US, as her campaign did not specify how her administration may differ policy-wise from the incumbent Obrador.

"Deep infrastructural issues" that currently exist cannot be changed overnight, as one expert told the aforementioned outlet previously.

Others pointed out that the outcome of the US presidential election will also impact US-Mexico relations, particularly concerning immigration.

A potential re-election of Joe Biden might open the way for a more humanitarian approach that could result in more compromises rather than a stricter immigration policy under a Trump administration.

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In February, Paxton filed a lawsuit alleging that the Annunciation House, a non-governmental organization in El Paso established around 50 years ago, should have its operating license in the state revoked for aiding illegal entry to the US, harboring illegal migrants, human smuggling, and running a stash house. A judge questioned Paxton's motivations a month later.

Earlier this month, Bishop Mark Seitz, a prominent clergyman known for criticizing immigration policies that adversely impact asylum-seekers and NGOs on both sides, stated that Paxton's litigation was inappropriate.

"Annunciation House is being completely mischaracterized," Seitz remarked. "If there's any bulwark against human trafficking of these vulnerable immigrants, if there's anything to prevent child trafficking and the like, it's the existence of an NGO like Annunciation House."

Internet users condemn Texas AG's baseless claims of Biden cartel collusion

People online shredded the Texas AG for suggesting that President Joe Biden and his administration employed assistance from Mexican drug cartels to win domestic elections as soon as he entered the White House.

One person commented, "It is a shame that we are still hearing from disgraced AG, and avid subpoena dodger, Paxton... even his own party wasn't able to get rid of this cancer of a man."

Another person wrote, "From what I gather, the people of Texas would rather the AG actually do something from our side of the border about the folks that are buying it, rather than trying to blame everyone else. These people don't run across with a diddy sack and set up a flea market. They have clients (Americans) ready willing and able to buy it and then further distribute it. They come in by truck. Does anyone with a mind better than Paxton's (most of the US) really believe that Biden sends signals to the cartels to help win elections. For the love of God."

Another person claimed, "Perhaps Congress should get their act together and do their damn job - it is their responsibility to make and amend laws. They have failed on two occasions to pass a border bill. Republicans don't want a fix; they want a political posturing point - If people would only realize the dangerous games republicans are playing - perhaps they will vote responsibly this Nov. Vote Blue." [sic]

One person said, "As usual Republicans make these accusations with no facts to prove them. It is all propaganda and hearsay. trump has taken the page from Putins play book on propaganda. It works on the people of Russia but that is because they have a severe fear for Putin."

"55% of the people in this country have that kind of fear for Trump to be elected. that is us Democrats. We fear trump being elected because he is a dictator wannabe and he will abuse his power severely. Republicans will loose and they will loose big because the Republican Party is fractured and zIndependents will not vote for Trump like they did last time," the person added. [sic]

Another person remarked, "He is an idiot and how he won in court I will never understand and neither does the majority of the State. Biden did NOT use drug cartels. Maybe Paxton did, but Biden didn't, and smart people can see the difference in truth and lies."

Finally, this person asserted, "Some serious allegations there.... They need to come up with evidence or at least a strong link!"

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