Joe Biden slammed for snubbing Robert F Kennedy Jr while hosting the Kennedy clan on St Patrick's Day

Joe Biden slammed for snubbing Robert F Kennedy Jr while hosting the Kennedy clan on St Patrick's Day
The Kennedy family gathered at the White House to celebrate St Patrick's Day, but Robert F Kennedy Jr was absent (L) (Getty Images, X/@KerryKennedyRFK)

WASHINGTON, DC: In a stark display of familial divisions and political allegiances, the Kennedy family gathered at the White House to celebrate St Patrick's Day, in the conspicuous absence of one notable member, Robert F Kennedy Jr, who is currently campaigning against President Biden in a third-party bid for the presidency.

The event, captured in a photo shared by Kerry Kennedy, showcased around 30 members of the famed Democratic Party dynasty, including Kerry herself, alongside President Biden near the Rose Garden.

The Kennedys at the White House

Kerry Kennedy captioned the photo, "It’s not enough to wish the world were better, you must make the world better." She added, “President Biden, you make the world better. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.”

Biden reciprocated the sentiment. “From one proud Irish family to another — it was good to have you all back at the White House,” he wrote.


However, the conspicuous absence of Robert F Kennedy Jr, who continues his long-shot presidential bid, served as a poignant reminder of the familial discord surrounding his candidacy.

Despite sharing the iconic Kennedy name, several of Robert's siblings, including former Rep Joseph Kennedy II, Rory Kennedy, and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, vehemently opposed his independent run.

"Bobby might share the same name as our father, but he does not share the same values, vision, or judgment," his siblings stated. "Today's announcement is deeply saddening for us. We denounce his candidacy and believe it to be perilous for our country."

While St Patrick's Day is typically a time for celebration of Irish heritage, the Kennedy family's gathering at the White House took on added significance in light of Biden's deep ties to the Irish community and his admiration for the Kennedys.

With Biden boasting the most Kennedys serving in the White House in history, the absence of Robert F Kennedy Jr underscored the family's divided loyalties, per the New York Post.


Kennedy Jr's Persistence

Meanwhile, Robert F Kennedy Jr, undeterred by familial opposition, is forging ahead with his presidential ambitions. Scheduled to announce his vice presidential pick later this month, speculation abounds regarding potential candidates, including California attorney Nicole Shanahan, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, and even New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Campaign insiders have dismissed media speculation, highlighting the anticipation surrounding Kennedy's forthcoming announcement.

“Oh boy, this media! They were sure about Aaron, now they’re sure about Nicole. Tomorrow they’ll be sure about somebody else,” Kennedy Jr’s campaign director Amaryllis Fox posted on X Saturday, March 16. “The truth is, they’re just going to have to wait until we all get to celebrate Bobby’s brilliant running-mate together in ten days.”


Despite facing steep odds in his presidential bid, Robert F Kennedy Jr has emerged as a significant presence, particularly in battleground states, where his anti-vaccine stance resonates with a segment of voters disenchanted with mainstream politics.

A recent USA Today-Suffolk University poll had Kennedy polling at 9% nationally, a figure that could potentially influence the outcome of the race between Biden and Republican nominee Donald Trump. That poll also had Trump leading Biden 40%-38%.

Social Media Uproar

The Kennedy family's apparent snub of Robert F Kennedy Jr has sparked backlash on social media, with critics condemning Biden and the Kennedys for ostracizing a family member over political differences. 

"Sooooo pathetic. Misery loves company," one posted on X.

"How gross is Biden? Literally the most repulsive president ever," another fumed.

"Pretty sad the Kennedy family chose to have a photo opp with the worst president in history. JFK would’ve been so disappointed in his party," someone else wrote.

"That is terrible...why would his own family and the President snub him like that," a comment read.

"These snubs are one of the major reasons I'm actually interested in his candidacy," another chimed in.










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