Joy Behar sparks debate as she calls Dolly Parton's 'Jolene' 'anti-feminist' and praises Beyonce's version

Joy Behar sparks debate as she calls Dolly Parton's 'Jolene' 'anti-feminist' and praises Beyonce's version
Joy Behar pointed out the anti-feminist undertones in Dolly Parton's song 'Jolene' and praised Beyonce's revamped rendition (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Veteran television host Joy Behar stirred a debate on Wednesday's episode of the 'Behind the Table' podcast as she critiqued Dolly Parton's iconic song 'Jolene' as being anti-feminist.

According to Entertainment, Behar's remarks came in light of Beyonce's 2024 rendition of the classic tune, which she praised for its revamped narrative.

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Joy Baher unveils anti-feminist undertones in Dolly Parton's 'Jolene'

Behar, known for her candid commentary, expressed her views to producer Brian Teta, highlighting her preference for Beyonce's 'Jolene'.

She argued that the original song by Dolly Parton perpetuates a narrative of insecurity and possessiveness, where a woman is portrayed as pleading with a potential mistress not to steal her man.

Behar labeled this narrative as "anti-feminist," suggesting that worrying about a man straying due to another woman's allure undermines the empowerment of women.

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In contrast, Beyonce's reinterpretation, titled 'Cowboy Carter', shifts the perspective entirely. Instead of pleading with the titular character, Beyonce's rendition presents a strong warning against attempting to infringe upon her relationship.

The lyrics convey a sense of confidence and assertiveness, with Beyonce essentially telling the rival, "You don't want this smoke, so shoot your shot with someone else."

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Beyonce's empowering adaptation earns praise from Behar and Parton alike

Behar praised Beyonce's version for its empowering message, stating that it portrays a woman who is unapologetically confident and not afraid to confront challenges in her relationship head-on. She noted that Beyonce's rendition transforms the narrative into a bold assertion of self-worth and boundaries, rather than a submissive plea.

Parton herself also approved Beyonce's take on 'Jolene', as she appears on the song's introduction. "You know, that hussy with the good hair you sang about reminded me of someone I knew back when," Parton says on Cowboy Carter's 'Dolly P' interlude. "Except she has flaming locks of auburn hair. Bless her heart. Just a hair of a different color, but it hurts just the same."

Baher on convincing Parton to embrace feminist values

Behar also recalled a past encounter with Parton, where she claims to have convinced the legendary singer-songwriter to acknowledge her feminist beliefs. She recounted a conversation in which she challenged Parton's reluctance to label herself as a feminist, ultimately persuading her by highlighting their shared beliefs in gender equality.

In a previous interview, Parton emphasized the importance of women expressing themselves freely while maintaining a supportive attitude toward men. "Does being feminine make me a feminist? Does being common make me a communist?" Parton said, per Knox News. She later added, "I don't like labels, but I'm a woman and I'm very supportive of women. I love men, don't get me wrong — I've always had them in my home — but I think we all should be able to express ourselves."

Social media buzz over Behar's remarks on 'Jolene'

Behar's critique of 'Jolene' and her endorsement of Beyonce's version have sparked a flurry of reactions across social media platforms.

One user wrote, "Joy who? Love you, Reba!"

Another commented, "Reba knows what to say and what not to say, and what she didn’t say came across loud and clear."

One replied, "People will find fault with anything! Love the song and love Dolly more."

Someone else added, "I’m sorry does Joy Behar have anything good to say about anyone or anything?? She is such a negative person. I don’t listen to her, just misery loves misery!"

A user said, "Reba is a classy lady, unlike Joy and the rest of the cackling hens on The View."

"Joy Behar should never open her freaking mouth!" added one.

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