‘The whining continues’: Donald Trump Jr trolled as he retracts conspiracy theory on presidential debate after being fact-checked

‘The whining continues’: Donald Trump Jr trolled as he retracts conspiracy theory on presidential debate after being fact-checked
Donald Trump Jr floated a conspiracy theory about the June 27 debate but it was quickly debunked by CNN (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Donald Trump's eldest son, Donald John Trump Jr reportedly removed his debunked conspiracy theory about the presidential debate between his father Donald Trump, and President Joe Biden after facing a harsh fact-check.

Trump Jr claimed CNN would rig the debate by implementing a two-minute air-time delay.

However, CNN, which hosted the first presidential debate between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump on June 27, outrightly denied the claim, stating "this is false," and assured the debate would start as scheduled at 9 pm ET. 

Former President Donald Trump's eldest son Donald Trump Jr quietly deleted his debunked conspiracy theory about the June 27 debate (@donaldjtrumpjr/Instagram)

Donald Trump Jr deletes tweet alleging CNN manipulation

"Live TV has a seven second delay," Trump Jr wrote in the since-deleted tweet. "Why on earth would CNN need a 1-2 MINUTE delay unless they were planning on manipulating tonight’s debate?"

In a bid to hedge his bets, the former president's son also made an unfounded accusation that Biden was doping.

"If he wasn’t jacked up on all sorts of drugs, why wouldn’t he submit to such an easy test?" said Trump Jr.

Trump Jr deleted the tweet, which was time-stamped at 3.53 pm, less than an hour after posting it, but not before it had garnered over 500,000 views.


In an updated message, he removed the lag time claim and instead introduced a new reference to performance enhancers.

Trump Jr tweeted, "Why would Joe Biden refuse to take a drug test? The New York Post published an article about all the drugs that he could “legally” take to give him an appearance of clarity… If he wasn’t jacked up on drugs, why wouldn’t he take such an easy test? He’ll be higher than Hunter!"

Nancy Mace raises speculations about Joe Biden's 'vitamins' intake

On the other hand, House Republican Nancy Mace raised suspicions about undisclosed "vitamins" Joe Biden was taking for the debate.

When asked about what version of Joe Biden she expects to see, Mace questioned how much Adderall and vitamins Biden would take, and how long his nap would be.

She joked but also seriously criticized Biden’s behavior, "How long was his nap today? You know, I’m joking but I’m being serious. Is he going to scream into the microphone this time like he did at the State of the Union address? Which was just absurd and out of control."


The highly-anticipated debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump started poorly for the sitting president, with Biden's scratchy voice and frequent throat clearing setting a problematic tone from the beginning.

Donald Trump Jr met with sharp rebuttals online

Don Trump Jr faced criticism from social media users who accused him of spreading misinformation and insinuated he was "high as a kite" himself.

One viewer expressed, "No delay, Junior. Wrong as usual/Lying as usual/Daddy still doesn't know you exist, as usual."

Another viewer shared, "The whining and crying continues. Meanwhile back on earth, CNN is NOT putting the live feed on a 1-2minute delay."

One viewer pointed out, "You’re not one to talk, Cokey."

A follower observed, "In all fairness Jr is an expert on high as a kite."

One comment stated, "Hey cokehead Junior, how about telling daddy to lay off the adderall and let’s find out exactly how he acts coming off it cold turkey.

In the meantime, still pushing conspiracies your full time job, Junior?"

Another comment read, "People in glass vials should not throw rocks, Snorty McDaddyissues."

"We know who Junior inherited is moronic behavior from," explained an individual.




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