'She is marvelous at doing this': Swifties delighted as Taylor Swift alludes to Travis Kelce's 2016 interview in 'TTPD' track 'So High School'

'She is marvelous at doing this': Swifties delighted as Taylor Swift alludes to Travis Kelce's 2016 interview in 'TTPD' track 'So High School'
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have constantly made headlines since they started dating (Gotham/GC Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Taylor Swift is back in the spotlight, reclaiming her throne with the drop of her latest album, 'The Tortured Poets Department' (TTPD). 

Her fans were ecstatic on discovering that the 'So High School' track contained a reference to her boyfriend, Travis Kelce

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Another song that's been making waves is 'thanK you aIMee', as Swifties think it's aimed at Kim Kardashian. Meanwhile, the pop star faced backlash as she referred to herself as a "functioning alcoholic" in the track 'Fortnight', which featured Post Malone.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift started dating in 2023 (Getty Images)

Taylor Swift adds a reference to Travis Kelce in 'TTPD' track 'So High School'

Swift seems to be addressing a past game played by her boyfriend during a 2016 interview in her 'So High School' song, as per Page Six. The tight end was asked to choose between Swift, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry while playing a round of "kiss, marry, kill."

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Kelce's response at the time was, "Damn, that’s messed up. I don’t want to kill any of them. Ariana, sorry, love you, but you’re gone. And then Taylor Swift would be the kiss. And what’s the last one? Katy Perry? Yeah, Katy Perry would be the marry." 


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Well, it seems Kelce got his wish, as he's been openly affectionate with Swift since they started dating last summer, going public in September 2023. And now, the pop singer is seemingly singing about his answers in her latest album, 'The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology'.

In the track 'So High School', Swift sings, "Are you gonna marry, kiss or kill me? (Kill me) / It’s just a game, but really (Really)/ I’m bettin’ on all three for us two (All three) / Get my car door, isn’t that sweet? (That sweet) / Then pull me to the back sеat (Back seat) / No one’s evеr had me (Had me), not like you."

The reference to getting the car door might point to their first public date night in October 2023, where they were spotted holding hands, and Kelce was seen opening the car door for Swift.

She adds a nod to Kelce's football career in another part of 'So High School', as she sings, "You know how to ball / I know Aristotle / Brand new, full throttle / Teach me while your bros play ‘Grand Theft Auto’ / It’s true, swear, scouts honor / You knew what you wanted and, boy, you got her."

Taylor Swift News Diary (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Taylor Swift seemingly referenced Travis Kelce's football career in the 'So High School' track (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Fans react to Taylor Swift's nod to beau Travis Kelce in 'So High School'

A netizen wrote, "Taylor's very clever she uses connecting words to make her point. She is marvelous at doing this. A terrific artist with brains," and another added, "Yes, Taylor, let’s hear your song about Aristotle. Looking forward."

"'So High School' t'ain't iambic pentameter, but it will do! Easy memorizing, catchy phrasing, familiar imaging. It's a go for the lyrics, hope the music is just as appealing!" expressed a person. 

Someone else joked, "Could you imagine how different would have been if he had chosen to kill Taylor instead of kiss her? 😂"


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