Trump ridiculed for threatening to sue ProPublica for defamation over story on payouts to witnesses

Trump ridiculed for threatening to sue ProPublica for defamation over story on 'significant' payouts to witnesses
Donald Trump's legal team threatened to pursue all legal remedies against ProPublica over a story published in early June (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: Former President Donald Trump's legal team is threatening to sue ProPublica, a nonprofit focused on investigative journalism, as reported by RawStory.

This is in response to an article published earlier in June that accused the ex-POTUS’s business and campaign team of providing "significant financial benefits" to witnesses involved in cases against him. 

On Wednesday, June 26, ProPublica disclosed the warning they received from Trump's legal team through an X (formerly Twitter) post. 

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Donald Trump's attorneys said he would evaluate all available legal remedies if ProPublica published the story regarding his witnesses receiving significant financial perks (Getty Images)

ProPublica sent cease-and-desist letter over a story on Donald Trump's witnesses receiving 'significant' financial perks

In the post, ProPublica wrote, "Trump’s attorney sent ProPublica a cease-and-desist letter demanding this article not be published. It warned that if the outlet and its reporters 'continue their reckless campaign of defamation, President Trump will evaluate all legal remedies.'" 

The original story explained how nine witnesses in criminal cases against Trump stood to profit financially from various arrangements with his campaign and corporate entities.


The ProPublica report, written by Robert Faturechi, Justin Elliott, and Alex Mierjeski stated, "The benefits have flowed from Trump’s businesses and campaign committees, according to a ProPublica analysis of public disclosures, court records and securities filings."

It went on to say, "One campaign aide had his average monthly pay double, from $26,000 to $53,500. Another employee got a $2 million severance package barring him from voluntarily cooperating with law enforcement. And one of the campaign’s top officials had her daughter hired onto the campaign staff, where she is now the fourth-highest-paid employee."

Trump is currently involved in three active criminal cases, including two concerning election subversion in Washington, DC, and Georgia, and one dealing with his alleged concealment of confidential documents at his Mar-a-Lago property. 

It is unlikely for any of these cases to reach trial before the upcoming November general election.

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ProPublica claimed that witnesses in the criminal cases against Donald Trump have received significant financial perks, including large raises, severance payouts, and new jobs (Getty Images)

In the last week of May, a Manhattan jury unanimously found the former president guilty of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records to hide a hush money payment made to Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 election. 

The sentencing for this case is scheduled for July 11 and the 2024 presumptive GOP presidential nominee is expected to file an appeal after the verdict is issued.

Internet reacts as Donald Trump's attorneys threaten to sue ProPublica

Netizens were quick to criticize Trump over his threat to ProPublica and many felt it would eventually lead to significant revelations regarding the former president. 

One claimed, "He rarely sues because discovery would be disastrous for him. He just threatens." Another said, "He's going to eventually go broke with all these frivolous lawsuits."

"Oh, yes, please sue. Discovery would be loads o' fun," expressed a person and someone else added, "Trump bribing witnesses? That’s so unlike him."

"'Evaluate all legal remedies,' Gee maybe he can get Ken Chesebro or Alina Haba," joked an individual, while one more quipped, "What a shock!!! The biggest criminal in history committing crimes. Who would’ve thought????"

Another person wrote, "Did y'all explain to them that facts are not actually defamation...? I'd love to see the letter if so."








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