‘Trump wants chaos’: Internet backs Joe Scarborough as he blames ex-prez for migrant ‘onslaught in southern border’

‘Trump wants chaos’: Internet backs Joe Scarborough as he blames ex-prez for migrant ‘onslaught in southern border’
MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough used the March 22 edition of The New York Post to remind viewers that Donald Trump wanted all the 'blame' for the chaos at the southern border (@msnbc/YouTube, Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: During the March 22 broadcast of 'Morning Joe' on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough drew attention to former President Donald Trump's insistence on taking full responsibility for the situation at the southern border, as reported in The New York Post.

The front-page headline titled 'Onslaught' detailed an incident where over 100 migrants surged the border, overpowering the Texas National Guard. The migrants stormed across the border 


Scarborough calls out Trump amid border chaos

While critics of President Joe Biden seized upon the chaotic event to critique his border policies, Scarborough, holding up the newspaper to the camera, emphasized Trump's prior statement, shouting, "The only thing the Post didn’t tell you is Donald Trump said, “Blame me for this.”

"Donald Trump said, 'Kill the bill and blame me for everything that happens after this point'. Donald Trump said, 'Blame me'. So yes, Donald, we are blaming you."

The headline on the front page of the New York Post read 'Onslaught', and the story attached to it described how over 100 migrants surged the border (@msnbc/YouTube)

He continued, "We’re blaming Mini-Me [Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA)] for following your orders. We’re blaming Republicans who begged for a tough border bill, but like The Wall Street Journal editorial page said, couldn’t take “yes” for an answer."

"So yes, there is an onslaught in the southern border still, and it’s all Donald Trump’s fault. You know who says that? Donald Trump. Donald Trump says blame him for this. So we will," he added. 

During Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough held up the paper to the camera and yelled: “Donald Trump said ‘Blame me for this’!” (@msnbc/Youtube)
Joe Scarborough blamed Donald Trump for chaotic situation at the border (@msnbc/YouTube)

Trump openly bragged about his involvement in derailing the bipartisan border bill in the Senate, introduced by conservative Republican Senator James Lankford from Oklahoma.

Trump asserted, "You give illegals taxpayer-funded lawyers, so they have millions of dollars in this agreement, in this deal, which we by the way killed. I think we killed it. I think it's dead!"

Internet reacts to Scarborough's critique

Given the political circumstances and Joe Scarborough's insights, social media users took to various platforms to convey their perspectives.


One viewer voiced, "A lot of these "good folks" have really shown their true nature, and they should never be trusted!"

A user comments on Joe Scarborough's remarks

Another viewer hilariously commented, "On his toilet, his golden toilet, the liar tweets tonight, cue the music."


"Humpty Dumpty is in his Mar-A-Lago basement crying!" one comment read. 

Another person wrote, "Verry good show today," in praise of the episode.


"This is nuts," said a user.

"Pray for our country America.Trump wants chaos and lawlessness.KEEP PRAYING," urged another viewer. 

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