Ana Navarro slams politicians who have supported bills trying to ban teaching Black History on 'The View'

Ana Navarro slams politicians who have supported bills trying to ban teaching Black History on 'The View'
Ana Navarro with her co-hosts at the Hot Topics table on the January 15, 2024 episode of 'The View' (Screengrab/@TheView/X)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: 'The View' commemorated Martin Luther King Jr Day on January 15, as the hot topics discussion among the co-hosts revolved around the teaching of Black history in schools around the United States.

During the segment, co-host Ana Navarro shared some strong opinions on the subject, as well as had tough words for politicians back in her home state of Florida.

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"Only 12 states have a black history mandate," noted co-host Whoopi Goldberg while introducing the topic. "While 18 (states) have passed laws severely limiting this curriculum."

"It's a vital part of American history, so what is everybody so nervous about?" she asked. "Why are you nervous? Those days have passed. We're here now... Why can't we talk about what was, when we talk about what was with everything else."

Sunny Hostin's take on subject

Co-host Hostin felt that a lot of Americans (presumably white), were playing "a long game," trying to erase not only the shameful parts of history such as slavery, but also "the contributions of people that don't look like them."

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"And the reason that they are erasing those contributions is because then (they) can 'otherize' someone as less than (they) are, because (that someone) has not contributed to the society in the way that (their) culture has," she added.

"I think that is so sad because what is supposed to be the very foundation of this country is that we are all equal."

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Ana Navarro criticizes Florida legislation

In her turn, Navarro noted that one of the first bills that were passed in Florida as the legislative session opened this year was one that would make it a form of defamation to accuse someone of racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia.

“I would suggest to my state legislature in Florida that, instead of making it easier to sue for defamation over being called racist, they should fight, and they should make it harder for there to be racists in Florida,” she stated.

The co-host also slammed politicians such as Gov Ron DeSantis, who actively tried to ban books on racial issues, as well as ban AP African-American Studies.

“To all of those politicians who have supported bills, who have signed bills, who have brought up bills, introduced bills banning AP Black History or making it harder to learn history, and who, today, on MLK Day, are gonna put out statements in support of Martin Luther King,” she voiced firmly, "Take Martin Luther King’s name out of your mouth if you are supporting that kind of stuff.”


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