'Democrats are dictatorship': Internet divided as 'The View' co-host Joy Behar warns against second Trump term

'Democrats are dictatorship': Internet divided as 'The View' co-host Joy Behar warns against second Trump term
Joy Behar cautioned against a possible dictatorship by Donald Trump on 'The View' (Getty Image, ABC/screengrab)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Co-host Joy Behar shared her warning against former President Donald Trump getting back into the White House for a second term on the April 30 episode of 'The View'.

The comedian shared her take while discussing the presumptive GOP nominee's interview on TIME Magazine, where he reportedly laid out his future plans upon his possible victory, and claimed that he was "too nice the first time around."

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Joy Behar comments on Donald Trump

"When a child sets a house on fire, you don't give them another book of matches," Behar told her co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, and Alyssa Farah Griffin at the Hot Topics table on Tuesday.

"He already was terrible as a President," she told of Trump. "Thousands and thousands of people died in Covid under his watch."

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She then proceeded to bring up the topic of anti-Israel protests that are raging across college campuses across the United States and have become a major cause of concern for the incumbent Joe Biden. The protesters have been vocal against Biden's support of Israel throughout its war with Gaza, and the co-hosts felt that it may cost him the upcoming election.

"A lot of these kids who are protesting, I think that they don't understand, because they are saying that kids - 26-year-olds and under - are not feeling President Biden. And this type of protests that we talked about ... I think that that would put Trump right back into the White House," said Behar.

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"So they better be careful what they want, because this is the generation that is going to lose their abortion rights and voting rights. They are the ones to be worrying. You don't displace dissatisfaction with a dictatorship," she added.


Internet reacts to Joy Behar's comments

Internet users did not side with Behar's take, as the following tweets in response on the social media platform X demonstrate.

"Democrats ARE the dictatorship. Led by Marxists and headed by Joe Biden. Don’t let the View Marxists gaslight you," slammed a user.


"Y’all’s time is over. Time for y’all to just interview some old celebrities and chefs. Shut up with your opinions. Red nation is coming. Bye y’all," wrote a MAGA supporter.


"Go away," quipped a third.


"The More PRESIDENT TRUMP WINS, the Crazier and Bizarre liberal democrats become! The American People Love and Support PRESIDENT TRUMP! Joy, Whoopi, Sunny, Ana will come up with all kinds of fabricated stories!" commented a fourth.


"Hahaha what a loser show," jibed a fifth.


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