'He's incredibly stupid': Internet mocks Donald Trump's pledge to build an 'iron dome' over US if elected

'He's incredibly stupid': Internet mocks Donald Trump's pledge to build an 'iron dome' over US if elected
Donald Trump aims to build an iron dome over US if elected as president (Getty Images)

INDIANOLA, IOWA: Former President Donald Trump declared that his top priority if elected in November is to build an iron dome over the United States.

In his final pitch to the Iowa Republicans on Sunday, January 14, in Indianola, he said, "We're going to build an iron dome over our country because we want to protect ourselves."

"We give iron domes to other countries...It will all be made in the USA...They work," The GOP frontrunner added.


An iron dome is an air defense system that protects against incoming short-range rockets. Israel is a prominent nation that uses the system to protect it from possible rocket attacks.

After canceling most of the events in the Hawkeye state due to poor weather conditions, Trump made his final plea to his supporters ahead of the caucus on January 15. Kickstarting the election year amid record-low temperatures and blizzards, the former President urged the voters to attend the caucus even if they die.


Trump says an iron dome is a timely necessity

Doubling down on his claims of the need for an iron dome over the country, Trump added that former President Ronald Reagan had plans to build it first, but it did not work at the time and remained a pipe dream.

Saying Reagan was ahead of his time, the Republican frontrunner added, "We are gonna do an iron dome because we need it now. You have too many people with too many bad weapons."

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - FEBRUARY 21: US President Donald Trump gestures to the crowd at a campaign rally
Donald Trump is leading the Republican primary opinion polls ahead of the Iowa caucus (Getty Images)

Emphasizing iron domes work "really well," he said one could ask Israel and other countries about it.

"We are gonna make it here. It's gonna be all paid for in the United States, and it's gonna be the best of them all."

"It's a very big deal for me," the former President, who aims to be a "dictator for a day" if elected, stated.


Trump leading the Republican primary opinion polls, will likely face President Joe Biden in a rematch in November.

Apart from defense, another top priority of the White House hopeful is to deport the undocumented immigrants entering the nation through its southern border.

Internet reacts to Trump's remarks

Netizens mocked and ridiculed the former President's goals for his potential presidency.

FORT WAYNE, IN - NOVEMBER 05:  U.S. President Donald Trump arrives at a campaign rally for Republica
Internet trolled Donald Trump's presidential goal to build an iron dome (Getty Images)

Many asked whether he knew the exact meaning of an iron dome, while some reactions pointed out that it was a progression from building the wall.

One user remarked, "The natural progression from a wall."


Another user wrote, "The wall is now a dome, folks. Oh, and God will pay for it."


"Does Trump know that some words have abstract meanings and that 'iron dome' doesn't literally mean either 'iron' or 'dome'?" a third user questioned.


A fourth user mockingly asked, "To keep the Sun away from the solar panels..?"


"Trump proposing an iron dome over the country is like suggesting an umbrella to stop a tsunami. It's a bold strategy, let's see if it pays off!" read one reaction.


Another response read, "Would love for someone in the media to ask him to define the Iron Dome. Pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to."


"He’s so incredibly stupid he thinks the Iron Dome is an actual dome. And he’s gonna cover the entire United States," said another.


One user asked, "Is Mexico going to pay for that too."



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