‘Repulsive’: Internet divided as Liz Cheney denounces Marjorie Taylor Greene’s rant defending Vladimir Putin as ‘pathetic’

‘Repulsive’: Internet divided as Liz Cheney denounces Marjorie Taylor Greene’s rant defending Vladimir Putin as ‘pathetic’
Former congresswoman Liz Cheney lashed out at Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene's remarks defending Russian President Vladimir Putin (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: Former congresswoman Liz Cheney denounced Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene for defending Russian President Vladimir Putin while reiterating her opposition to more military aid to Ukraine, Newsweek reported.

Speaking at former White House adviser Steve Bannon's 'War Room' podcast on Friday, April 12, the Georgia Republican ranted against people supporting more Ukraine aid, emphasizing she "seriously hates" everyone who does so.

She went on to defend the Russian president, arguing he has no interest in invading other European countries, and pointed out Ukraine was not a NATO member.

"Vladimir Putin has not said he wants to go march across Europe and take Europe, and the reality is Ukraine is not even a NATO member nation."

"If you want to know something (US Department of Defense Secretary) Lloyd Austin and the others here more than anything want to send your uncles, your cousins, and your sons and daughters to the frontlines in Ukraine because that is the only country that for some weird, sick and evil reason that they care about," Greene said in the podcast interview.

KYIV, UKRAINE - FEBRUARY 25: A Ukrainian police officer stands in front of a damaged residential blo
Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene is against the US providing more military aid to Ukraine (Getty Images)

Liz Cheney's response to Marjorie Taylor Greene's remarks

Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, lashed out at the Georgia lawmaker on X.

"Once again Moscow Marge is busy deploying her Kremlin talking points," the former lawmaker said, sharing a video clip of the podcast. "Is she a useful idiot or is she intentionally spreading Putin's lies? Either way it's pathetic and unAmerican."


Greene, a staunch Donald Trump ally, has vocally opposed additional Ukraine aid and even threatened to immediately remove Speaker Mike Johnson if he brings the Senate-approved Ukraine aid bill for a House vote. In March, she filed a motion to oust the Speaker from the House leadership.

Putin, during his interview with Tucker Carlson in Moscow, emphasized that Russia had no interest in expanding its ongoing war in Ukraine to other nations like Poland and Latvia, as per Reuters.

SOCHI, RUSSIA - FEBRUARY 14:  Russian President Vladimir Putin visits USA House in the Olympic Villa
In his latest interview with Tucker Carlson, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Moscow will not invade other European nations (Getty Images)

Cheney has previously criticized Greene's take on Russia and Ukraine. For instance, in November 2022, the latter declared that "not another penny will go to Ukraine" during an Iowa rally for Trump.

The former lawmaker from Wyoming, a vocal critic of Trump, rebuked the remarks on X where she wrote, "This is exactly what Putin wants. If we'd had Republicans like this in the 1980s, we would have lost the Cold War."

Liz Cheney's criticism splits Internet

While a group of social media users slammed Cheney, another echoed her outrage against Greene.

One user criticized the ex-congresswoman, writing, "YOU ARE REPULSIVE."

Whereas another one sided with her, stating, "Indeed, it is time to confront them for what they truly represent: adversaries of the United States and staunch allies of Russia, Iran, and North Korea. Their alignment with these nations not only undermines our global standing but also threatens our national security."



"Even Liz is getting into the name calling, Liz we all hope you get charged and prosecuted once Trump is back in office, the J6 cover up is something Americans will never forget," a third user wrote.

On the other hand, a fourth aimed at Greene said, "She wants to be Trump’s VP pick desperately."



Someone else remarked, "Nobody cares what 40-point loser Liz Cheney has to say about anything."

While an individual argued, "Georgia Republicans found the stupidest fame chaser in Georgia and sent her to Congress. Moscow Marge has got to go."



"If all you have is smearing people you disagree with politically with Russia, Russia, Russia, you are truly lost and irrelevant. Try making a better argument. I just don't think you can," a user slammed Cheney.

Meanwhile, another mirrored the former congresswoman's opinion of Greene, saying, "This is what we’re dealing with in the States: a un/willing Kremlin puppet."



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