'You’re all worthless': Internet slams Marjorie Taylor Greene for expressing concern over US involvement in foreign conflicts

'You’re all worthless': Internet slams Marjorie Taylor Greene for expressing concern over US involvement in foreign conflicts
Marjorie Taylor Greene questioned the involvement of US in foreign affairs in a social media post on April 14, 2024 (Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene took to X (formerly Twitter) to question the involvement of the United States in conflicts involving their allies Ukraine and Israel and the burden that it would add to the taxpaying Americans on Sunday, April 14.

The concern is warranted as US defense troops aided Israel in intercepting the missiles and drones launched in its direction by Iran on Saturday, April 13, and President Biden has pledged his "ironclad" support to the ally.

According to The Hill, the situation has led to increased pressure on House Republicans to pass a Senate foreign aid bill, with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer stating on Saturday, "Given the events of tonight, it is even clearer that the best way to help Israel is for the House to quickly pass the Senate’s bipartisan national security supplemental next week."

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene slams US involvement in foreign conflicts

The US Representative of Georgia expressed her concern that the Congress would prioritize global issues rather than domestic ones at present, writing in her post, "How much money do the US taxpayers have to pay now after this weekend's Iranian activities? How much money will Zelenskyy get because obviously Ukraine first?"

"Were any innocent people injured/killed from Iran apparently saving face? How about our military members who courageously defended Israel? Will Biden be releasing billions more to Iran to appease them?" she asked.

Finally drawing attention to the United States, Greene concluded, "When will the Biden admin actually defend our border? Why do I feel like this week is going to be another week of America last?"


Internet slams Marjorie Taylor Greene for her tweet

Netizens did not shared Marjorie Taylor Greene's concerns regarding US involvement in foreign conflicts and trolled her for her questions.

"Why do you hate America?" inquired a social media user.


"How much money are we wasting on you with our tax payers dollars? Because whatever it is it's way too much. Most people who don't do their jobs usually get fired," retorted another.


"Politicians get on here asking questions instead of coming up with answers. That’s the gd problem. You’re all Worthless," stated a third.


"This sounds like you want to defund the military and capitulate to your Ruski comrades," jibed a fourth.


"Gee, Large Marge, revoke the Trump tax-cut giveaway to Billionaire$ and we could afford it," quipped a fifth user.


"Seems like we've been America last ever since you were seated. That's not a joke," commented a sixth.


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