Joe Biden slammed as ‘abject failure’ after Scott Perry claims POTUS losing support among Democrats

Joe Biden slammed as ‘abject failure’ after Scott Perry claims POTUS losing support among Democrats over ‘wide-open border’, crime rate
Scott Perry elaborated that many Democrats 'want to just vote Democrat' but don't want to vote for Joe Biden (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: Scott Perry recently made bold claims on Newsmax about President Joe Biden's decreasing support among Democrat voters, attributing this to issues such as the "wide-open border and the surging crime rate".

On Newsmax's 'Wake Up America,' Perry pointed out that former President Donald Trump is ahead of Biden in recent polls as the November presidential election approaches, as reported by Newsmax.

Scott Perry claims Joe Biden is losing support among Democrats

Perry referenced a poll from Emerson College released on Thursday, June 20, highlighting Trump's lead over Biden in critical swing states, including Pennsylvania, which is Biden's home state.

"The trend lines continue in President Trump's favor," Perry stated. He emphasized that despite Biden's significant campaign efforts in Pennsylvania, "it's only been a reminder to people in the Keystone State about how bad things are".

Perry cited the "wide-open border" and "surging crime rates," particularly in Philadelphia, as significant issues driving voter dissatisfaction. "President Trump clearly sees it, is here now for him to go out and to appeal to these people," he added.

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Scott Perry pointed out that Donald Trump was ahead of Joe Biden in recent polls (Getty Images)

The congressman also discussed the potential impact of independent presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr, who recently filed to be on the general election ballot. When asked about Kennedy's effect on the race, Perry speculated, "I think he will take votes primarily from Joe Biden."

He elaborated that many Democrats "want to just vote Democrat but don't want to vote for Joe Biden," due to his perceived weaknesses and the economic struggles Americans face.

Notably, influential Democratic campaign groups have targeted Perry's seat, planning substantial expenditures to bolster the campaign of Democrat Janelle Stelson, a former broadcast journalist and ex-Republican, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The House Majority PAC (HMP), dedicated to electing Democrats to the US House, announced in April its plan to spend $2.4 million on ads for the Stelson-Perry district. This is part of a larger $186 million investment across the country, indicating a strategic focus on this district.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has also included the Perry-Stelson race in its 'Red to Blue' list, which identifies districts they aim to flip.

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Scott Perry claimed Joe Biden was losing support due to border issues and surging crime rates (Getty Images)

Internet reacts to Scott Perry's remarks about Joe Biden losing support among Democrats

Perry's remarks about Biden losing support among Democrats resonated on social media.

One Facebook user said, "Biden has been a complete disaster!!!"

While another remarked, "Anyone who supports Biden needs their intelligence questioned!"

A third user wrote, "Don't forget about the record high inflation that's hurting most Americans."

Another user posted, "Biden is a mucus brain disabled communist … never been trusted…."

One user commented, "He's not batshit radical enough for them. They need to run Mao 2.0. It's what they really want."

A sixth user mentioned, "Biden is losing support all over the place and there is nothing anyone can do to reverse that."

A user remarked, "It's about dang time the democrats wake up to the evil regime ruining our country."

Lastly, a user said, "Biden is an abject failure."

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