'Let him believe it': Internet trolls Joe Biden as he accuses press of ignoring five polls where he is beating Donald Trump

'Let him believe it': Internet trolls Joe Biden as he accuses press of ignoring five polls where he is beating Donald Trump
President Joe Biden has claimed he is beating former President Donald Trump in at least five polls (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: Joe Biden took aim at the media's reporting on polls during a fiery exchange with reporters on Tuesday, March 5, as he returned to the White House from Camp David.

The president fumed, "The last five polls you guys didn't report I'm winning. Five. Five in a row. You guys only look at the New York Times."


However, it is unclear what polls Biden was referring to, leaving reporters scratching their heads.

Contradictory findings of recent polls

Despite Biden's claims, aggregators like RealClearPolitics and Five Thirty-Eight indicate Trump leading in recent national polls regarding the 2024 presidential race. Yet, a blend of state-specific and national polls might offer a more nuanced view favoring the incumbent president.

The president's defense comes on the heels of a recent New York Times/Siena College poll, where Trump edges ahead of Biden by 48% to 44%. Similarly, a CBS News poll presents Trump with a lead of 52% to 48%. Yet, Biden maintains a narrow lead in a Morning Consult poll by a mere point, 44% to 43%.

While Trump has yet to secure the Republican presidential nomination, his dominance in the Super Tuesday GOP primary contests suggests he's poised to face Biden in November, bolstering his delegate advantage.

However, Biden faced further setbacks with the New York Times/Siena poll revealing disapproval ratings at an all-time high of 47%. Additionally, a substantial portion of voters perceive Biden's policies as personally detrimental, exacerbating internal divisions within the Democratic Party regarding his candidacy for 2024.


As the race intensifies between Biden and Trump, neither candidate can secure their party's nomination formally on Super Tuesday. However, Biden plans a relentless onslaught against Trump, aiming to unsettle his opponent as the campaign progresses.

This aggressive strategy - fueled by Biden's rhetoric branding Trump as a "loser" and a "threat to democracy" - seeks to portray Biden as resilient and vigorous despite his age. In private conversations, Biden reportedly denigrates Trump as a "sick f***," displaying a stark departure from his public persona.

Last month, the 81-year-old commander-in-chief said he'd considered punching his Republican challenger and that he has had to "hold his Irish temper" around him.

On the other hand, Trump has previously insisted he has a "much better body" than Biden and that he could easily take him in a fight. The former president referenced comments by Biden in 2018 about how if they were in high school, he would take him "behind the gym and beat the hell out of him."

"I think I could go like this," Trump responded, blowing air out of his mouth, "and he'd go down."

Social media reactions

Having said that, Biden was trolled on the internet after he attacked the media for not reporting on polls he's apparently winning. Some mocked his reliance on favorable polls and others questioned his grasp of reality.

"Let him believe it," one posted on X.

"That's what his staff told him, so it has to be true, right?" another wrote.

"Not polls. Cookies. His handler said he's a good boy and he earned five cookies and a glass of milk," someone else quipped.

"Legend in his own mind," another chimed in.








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