'It's all hogwash': 'The View' host Alyssa Farah Griffin mocked as she explains why Donald Trump is 'afraid' of Kamala Harris

'It's all hogwash': 'The View' host Alyssa Farah Griffin mocked as she explains why Donald Trump is 'afraid' of Kamala Harris
Alyssa Farah Griffin expressed her opinion on a possible Donald Trump-Kamala Harris matchup (ABC/YouTube, Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: Alyssa Farah Griffin, who served as the White House director of strategic communications during Donald Trump's presidency, discussed why the former president hasn't seized upon Joe Biden's poor debate performance for political gain on the Monday, July 8 episode of 'The View'. 

She remarked, "There’s a reason Donald Trump isn’t out there shouting about the debate," as the panelists were engaged in a conversation about whether the incumbent should consider ending his 2024 reelection campaign. 

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Biden has faced increased scrutiny following the June 27 debate, during which he appeared dazed and struggled with several responses.


Alyssa Farah Griffin says Donald Trump fears Kamala Harris more than Joe Biden

Griffin further said, "Trump knows that Joe Biden will lose to him. But he is afraid of Vice President Kamala Harris," noting that she currently polls better against Trump than Biden.

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Alyssa Farah Griffin shared her thoughts on Donald Trump's fear of a potential race against Kamala Harris (ABC/YouTube)

At the beginning of the show, Sunny Hostin admitted that Biden is not "the same person" as he was during his triumphant 2020 campaign against Trump, his tenure as Barack Obama's vice president, and his earlier days as a senator.

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She conceded, "Not in policy terms and what he has gotten done, but when he speaks and his appearances. That concerns me." Hostin then said, "Behind every great man is a great woman," describing Harris as "prepared," "ready," and "presidential."

She voiced concern over Biden dropping out of the race, questioning whether Americans would elect a Black woman, pointing out Hillary Clinton's 2016 loss. Nevertheless, a hopeful Hostin remarked, "If he [Biden] cannot complete a four-year term, we know we are protected."

Sunny Hostin acknowledged that Biden is not “the same person” as during his victorious 2020 campaign against Trump (ABC)
Sunny Hostin expressed concern about how Americans would react to Kamala Harris replacing Joe Biden (ABC/YouTube)

She stressed that Republicans are "clearly scared" about Harris.

According to a YouGov poll conducted from July 3 to July 6, more Democrats and Democratic-leaning Independents prefer Biden over Harris as the nominee, with 47% supporting Biden compared to 32% for Harris. Additionally, 21% expressed uncertainty (margin of error: ±4%).

Internet reacts to Alyssa Farah Griffin's remarks on Donald Trump's fear of Kamala Harris

Griffin's comments on Trump's apparent fear of Harris weren't welcomed by viewers.

One said, "Democrats are really trying to convince themselves Harris is a formidable opponent. Beyond hilarious 🤣," and another noted, "It's all hogwash Donald Trump ain't afraid of Kamilla Harris and Donald Trump being afraid of nobody so your wishful thinking is unrealistic, Donald Trump isn't the type to be afraid let me tell you."

"Lol. Nobody is scared of the word salad lady," remarked a person, with someone else adding, "Absolutely no one is afraid of bidens diversity appointed vice president."

One comment read, "Is anyone really afraid of Harris? People in her own party have no faith in her. She would lose to Trump."

"Afraid of Kamala? BAWhahahahahahahahaha. He would reduce her to tears on the debate stage. She's dumber than Joe, if, you can even imagine such a thing...," said another person. 

An individual wrote, "'Trump afraid of Kamala' !! What a hoot !! Fake news has finally crossed the Rubicon over into comedy !! Next step will be slapstick !!"

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