Vivek Ramaswamy dubbed 'god-awful' as he reveals his 'ideal' vice president pick

Vivek Ramaswamy dubbed 'god-awful' as he reveals his 'ideal' vice president
Vivek Ramaswamy does not intend to choose his vice president from the pool of Washington DC (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

CORYDON, IOWA: Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has revealed his ideal Vice President pick. No, it is not someone from DC with a political background. The biotech entrepreneur wants someone like tech mogul Elon Musk, reported Fox News.

Ramaswamy disclosed his interest in executives during a town hall in Corydon, Iowa, on Saturday, December 30.

Responding to a voter's question of whom he would choose in his cabinet who agrees "with you that won't cut your legs off", the biotech entrepreneur said, "I'm looking for people who are executives."

"Not in the pool of Washington, DC," he said. "If you're looking outside the pool, there's 300 million mostly good people in this country … So, a lot of them are going to be outsiders. I mean, an ideal vice president would be someone like an Elon Musk. Now, he wasn't born in the country, so he can't, you know, but that's the mold."

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Vivek Ramaswamy's ideal VP choice is someone like Elon Musk (Getty Images)

However, the SpaceX CEO is ineligible to hold the office since he is not a natural-born US citizen. He was born in South Africa.

Vivek Ramaswamy wanted Elon Musk to be his advisor

According to an NBC report, the Indian-origin White House hopeful previously stated that he wished to have Musk as his advisor if he wins in 2024.

During a town hall conversation in August, he said, "I've enjoyed getting to know better, Elon Musk recently; I expect him to be an interesting adviser of mine because he laid off 75% of the employees at Twitter."

In Corydon, the GOP presidential contender emphasized the importance of surrounding oneself with outsiders in the White House, a lesson he learned from former President Donald Trump.

"It helps to have somebody who has complete and total disregard for the norms of Washington, DC," Ramaswamy said. "Let's take a jackhammer to it. It's all fake. Most of it's made up."

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Speculations of a VP pick have been in the headlines for quite some time. Many have discussed who would be the most likely choice if Trump wins in 2024.

There were reports of Trump seeking the opinions of his allies on choosing Nikki Haley for the position, an idea opposed by Donald Trump Jr. as well as former TV show host Tucker Carlson. Furthermore, Haley's vague reply to the possibility received criticism from another GOP presidential hopeful, Ron DeSantis.

In addition to this, many speculated if Ramaswamy would earn the spot when Trump declared him the winner in the 4th GOP debate.

PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 05:  Vivek Ramaswamy, Founder & CEO of Rolvant Sciences speaks at Forbes
Vivek Ramaswamy initially wanted Elon Musk as his advisor if he wins in 2024 (Getty Images)

Internet reacts to Vivek Ramswamy's VP choice

Social media users have reacted negatively to Ramasawmy's choice of the Tesla CEO as the second in command.

One user said, "VR is so god-awful."


Another user reacted, "Nope no thanks."


"I hope it isn't him in either position," read a third reaction.


A fourth user added, "Coming from this guy? Naaahhhhh."


Another one added, "Oh honey, as much as I love the idea of SpaceX and solar city, Elon Musk being in politics? That's like me brewing coffee with coke instead. Quite a shocker, isn't it?"


"Makes sense that the most inexperienced candidate would want a VP who is equally inexperienced. Vivek the madman," one user remarked.


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