Donald Trump's hush money trial delayed until mid-April by judge, Internet says 'justice system is failing'

Donald Trump's hush money trial delayed until mid-April by judge, Internet says 'justice system is failing'
Judge Juan Merchan granted Donald Trump a 30-day delay in hush-money (Juan Merchan/LinkedIn, Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Justice Juan Merchan, who oversees former President Donald Trump's New York hush-money case, has ruled to delay the trial until at least mid-April, reported CNN.

The New York Supreme Court's acting justice announced the written decision on Friday, March 15, in response to Trump's attorneys seeking a postponement of the case in light of the new evidence produced by the prosecution.

Trump argued that the trial, which was scheduled to begin on March 25, should await the US Supreme Court's decision on his presidential immunity and that the prosecution should exclude new evidence like the statements he made while in office.

The hush-money case is the first to go to trial among the four federal indictments against the former President. The 34-count case accuses Trump of falsifying business records with payments made through Michael Cohen to Stormy Daniels to silence her about an alleged affair before the 2016 election. The ex-president has denied the affair and pleaded not guilty to the charges.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 16: Stormy Daniels attends the XBIZ Awards 2020 on January 16, 202
Donald Trump had an alleged extra-marital affair with Stormy Daniels (Getty Images)

Juan Merchan agrees to a 30-day delay

After Trump's attorney complained about receiving more than 100,000 documents in recent weeks, Judge Merchan agreed to a 30-day delay in the trial starting March 15. A hearing on March 25 is set to address the newly disclosed documents and Trump's motion to dismiss the case and sanction the prosecution, led by District Attorney Alvin Bragg's office.

"There are significant questions of fact which this Court must resolve before it may rule on Defendant's motion," the judge wrote, "Therefore, the Court agrees with Defendant that a prompt hearing is required on the pending discovery motion, the circumstances surrounding the document production by the USAO-SDNY and the scheduling of a trial date, if one is necessary."

"Trial on this matter is adjourned for 30 days from the date of this letter on consent of the People. The court will set the new trial date, if necessary, when it rules on Defendants motion following the hearing," Merchan added.

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 13:  Michael Cohen, U.S. President Donald Trump's personal attorney, takes a ca
The hush  money payments to Stormy Daniels were made through former Trump attorney Michael Cohen (Getty Images)

Furthermore, he demanded that both sides provide a "detailed timeline" of the requests and production of the documents from the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York by March 21.

The District Attorney's office on March 14 had agreed to a 30-day delay in the trial, allowing Trump's legal team to study the newly produced documents. However, the ex-president's motion had asked for a 90-day delay.

Merchan has not announced the exact day to begin the trial, but it is unlikely to happen before mid-April.

Pushing the trial date while awaiting a crucial presidential election rematch between Trump and President Joe Biden could impact the future of the criminal cases against the former. The GOP presumptive nominee has frequently asked to delay the criminal trial amid his attempt for a second presidential term.

FORT WAYNE, IN - NOVEMBER 05:  U.S. President Donald Trump arrives at a campaign rally for Republica
Donald Trump faces four criminal indictments ahead of the November presidential election (Getty Images)

The election interference case against Trump is on hold until the SCOTUS rules on presidential immunity. The hearing for the immunity claims is set to be held in the week of April 22. Similarly, the White House hopeful also made a failed request to dismiss the classified documents case against him.

Internet reacts to the delay

Weighing in on the delay in Trump's hush money trial, netizens accused the court of supporting the ex-president and election interference.

One user said, "Election interference just keeps going. Wouldn't shed a tear if s**t started hitting the fan."


"After the 30 days we will see trump and his lawyer will say they are not even ready. I don’t even like this delay anymore because it’s just wasting of time Why do they have to give him so much time when he has nothing to do," another person opined.


A third user added, "Disappointing,,,discouraging,,justice system is failing."


"Makes me sick. People need to know before the elections," a fourth response read.


Another frustrated individual wrote, "I feel like all these judges are doing everything they can to protect him. It’s ridiculous."


"Of course the trial got delayed, Trump's legal troubles always drag on!" someone else stated.



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