'It could happen to anyone': Nathan Wade defends relationship with DA Fani Willis amid Trump election interference case on 'The ReidOut'

'It could happen to anyone': Nathan Wade defends relationship with DA Fani Willis amid Trump election interference case on 'The ReidOut'
Nathan Wade shared on 'The ReidOut' with Joy Reid about his relationship with Georgia’s District Attorney Fani Willis (MSNBC, Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: During an appearance on 'The ReidOut' with Joy Reid on May 23, former Georgia prosecutor Nathan Wade described, "It was something that was not deliberate or intentional. I made the statement earlier that workplace romances are as American as apple pie, right?"

Wade emphasized that their connection was not planned or intentional, likening workplace romances to a common occurrence, stating, "That was not to make light of the situation. That was just to say that it could happen to anyone."


Nathan Wade clarifies relationship with Fani Willis amid divorce accusations

During the interview with Reid, Wade continued, “It’s a thing that happened to us,” Wade said, describing the matter in passive voice.

He added, “I felt like we dealt with it in a manner that was professional. We kept our personal lives personal and private, and I still believe that it had no place in the courtroom, not now and not then.”

Upon joining the case on November 1, 2021, Nathan Wade maintained that his relationship with Fani Willis was purely professional.

This assertion came amidst his divorce proceedings with Joycelyn Wade, initiated on the same day, where his ex-wife accused him of using marital funds to entertain Willis and sought to subpoena the District Attorney as part of the divorce case.

Nathan Wade said his relationship with fani Willis “grew organically over time,” to Joy Reid on The ReidOut Wednesday night (MSNBC)
Nathan Wade said his relationship with Fani Willis 'grew organically over time', to Joy Reid on 'The ReidOut' on Wednesday night (MSNBC)

After Reid agreed that “workplace romances happen,” Wade offered, “I needed to be clear that, when the relationship began, my then-wife was not in the home, she had moved to Texas, and we had been separated for a period of time.”

“We did not have a relationship. She knew and I knew, by agreement, that as soon as our youngest child graduated high school and matriculated into college, then we would then formally file the divorce,” he added.

Wade then said, “She and I had conversations about that. When we felt as though the relationship was going to a place that could potentially become an issue with our work, then we sat and we had a conversation and we did what was necessary to protect the sanctity of the case.”

Nathan Wade said
Nathan Wade emphasized 'that it could happen to anyone' and was ' as American as apple pie' (MSNBC)

This isn't the first time that Wade has spoken up about his alleged relationship with Fani Willis, as Fox News previously reported, Wade broke his silence in an exclusive interview with ABC News' Linsey Davis, his first media appearance since resigning from the Georgia election interference case against former President Donald Trump in March. 

Back then he said a similar statement, in an interview that aired on 'Good Morning America', "Workplace romances are as American as apple pie. It happens to everyone. But it happened to the two of us."

What was the judgment in Fani Willis and Nathan Wade’s affair? 

In Willis and Wade’s ruling, Judge Scott McAfee determined that the relationship between Willis and Wade did not constitute a conflict of interest.

However, he criticized Willis for exhibiting "unprofessional" conduct and demonstrating a "tremendous lapse in judgment," stating that the relationship created a "significant appearance of impropriety" for her office.

As a result, the judge mandated Wade's resignation as a condition to avoid dismissing Willis from the case.

In his interview with Reid, Wade revealed that since resigning, he has had to "empty my voice-mail three and four times a day" due to the volume of threats received.

He also mentioned the necessity of having security accompany him to his office. 

Fani Willis and Nathan Wade got romantically involved in 2022 as per court filings (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
Fani Willis and Nathan Wade got romantically involved in 2022 as per court filings (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

“I love, love, love my fraternity brothers, Alpha Phi Alpha. I love them. They were offering to send armed guards to protect me just so that I could get some sleep. And it—much-needed,” he continued.

He then added, “These people were doing things unimaginable. At certain points, I had to call my parents to make certain that they didn’t change my name and I didn’t know about it.”

“My children couldn’t come to visit me because of the danger that they would face. But those threats are real.”

However, Michael Roman, one of Trump's codefendants, alleged that Willis had profited monetarily from her relationship with Wade. However, both Willis and Wade firmly refuted these claims.

Netizens are divided over Nathan Wade's interview 

Wade's words during the interview with Reid caught the attention of the online community. 

While a particular viewer expressed, "It's exactly what it looks like."

"Good interview. While I don’t think he should be doing them, it was tastefully done," one user stated.

Another observer added, "Crazy. I almost barfed when he said "everyone does it"! Am I the only one who's heard of the "don't date a co-worker" rule? Geez!"

Additionally, a viewer pointed out, "Mr. Wade was very careful about the words he used. This is all we are asking for….If you are going to do an interview, please make sure to use your words carefully."

One user contributed, "Racist interview with a liar nice."

Another comment underscored, "Sooo that’s ok then?"

Another comment echoed, "He wasn’t qualified to do the job given by lover! He never tried a Rico case! Should not have an affair with your boss."

An individual elaborated further, saying, "Funny, he left out the part where he got caught lying about that "professional" relationship to the court."















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