'This is embarrassing': Trolling ensues as Ben Shapiro and Tom MacDonald's rap video 'Facts' goes viral

'This is embarrassing for everyone involved': Trolling ensues as Ben Shapiro and Tom MacDonald's rap video 'Facts' goes viral
(L-R) Ben Shapiro collaborated with Tom MacDonald in 'Facts' (Tom MacDonald/YouTube)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Ben Shapiro, the conservative political commentator best known for hosting the popular right-wing podcast, 'The Ben Shapiro Show', made a shocking pivot into the world of rap music by collaborating with controversial musician Tom MacDonald to release the single, 'Facts'.

While the track quickly gained popularity, securing the top spot in music charts, it also quickly drew a tidal wave of mockery and criticism online from netizens who were amused by Shapiro's unexpected musical foray as he dismissed rap as not "real music" back in 2019. 

Ben Shapiro's rap debut 'Facts' takes aim at progressive political and cultural beliefs

With 'Facts', Shapiro and MacDonald presented their conservative viewpoints, blasted mainstream liberal media as "sacred cows," fat-shamed Lizzo, and took aim at anti-gun activists.

The incendiary lyrics brazenly criticized a raft of progressive cultural totems typically embraced by the political left. "There's only two genders, boys and girls," asserted the lyrics, later adding, "My money like Lizzo, my pockets are fat."


Despite the polarizing content, the 'Facts' saw a meteoric rise in popularity, reaching No 1 on the overall US iTunes rankings, surpassing hits by Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion, Eminem, and other giants of the genre, as per Salon.

The rap single's instant commercial success speaks to a powerful conservative appetite for music willing to loudly buck today's prevailing social winds. It even earned surprising praise from the "Queen of Rap" Minaj, who took to X (formerly Twitter) to write, "I just listened to it @benshapiro not bad. Congrats on #1," as per The Hill.

Notably, MacDonald has cultivated a niche fanbase in right-wing circles with his own outsider brand of aggressive, politically fueled rap. But tapping Shapiro clearly helped rocket his latest single into the mainstream conversation.

PASADENA, CA - JULY 30: Ben Shapiro at Politicon at Pasadena Convention Center on July 30, 2017 in P
Ben Shapiro's rap debut 'Facts' is full of biting political and social commentary (Getty Images)

Internet trolls Ben Shapiro's unexpected rap debut in Tom MacDonald's 'Facts'

The revelation of Shapiro's unexpected rap debut in MacDonald's 'Facts' quickly became a target for online trolling.

One remarked, "I didn’t think it was possible for anything to sound worse than Lara Trump’s 'Won’t Back Down,' but here we are..." Another humorously dubbed the collaboration as "2 Guys 1 Flop."

A person expressed, "This is embarrassing for everyone involved." 

Someone else declared, "Well, that’s my full body cringe for today," and one more added, "This might be the worst thing I have ever seen."






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