'Dumber than his dad': Eric Trump trolled for saying 'my father built the skyline of New York City'

'Dumber than his dad': Eric Trump trolled for saying 'my father built the skyline of New York City'
Donald Trump's son Eric Trump made a bizarre claim during a Fox News interview (@erictrump/Instagram, Getty Images)

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK: Eric Trump recently made an unsubstantiated claim about his father Donald Trump while expressing his dissatisfaction with New York's legal system, per a report by HuffPost.

“My father built the skyline of New York City, and this is the thanks he gets?” he remarked on Fox News's 'The Ingraham Angle' on Friday evening.


This statement was made in response to last week's landmark ruling in the civil fraud case against the Trump family after Judge Arthur Engoron ordered the former president to pay $355 million for allegedly conspiring to manipulate his net worth to receive tax and insurance benefits.

What did Eric Trump say in his highly criticized interview last week?

Eric Trump and his brother, Donald Trump Jr, who served as executive vice presidents of the Trump Organization, were each ordered by Judge Engoron to pay $4 million in the civil fraud case, and were barred from serving in top business roles in New York for up to two years, while their father was banned for three years.

Although Trump’s lawyers vowed to appeal Friday’s verdict, Eric Trump lashed out at Judge Engoron and launched a scathing attack against New York City's legal system, during his Fox News interview hours after the trial concluded.

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Eric said, "My father built a skyline of New York City. And this is the thanks he gets for doing absolutely nothing wrong, not a dollar of financial loss? The exact opposite, hundreds of millions of dollars in financial gain."

He decried, "I caution anybody. I caution anybody even thinking about moving to New York to just be careful. This is not the state that my father grew up in. This is not the state that we grew up in. This is the demise of a politically weaponized system. And it’s horribly sad."

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However, netizens took umbrage at Donald Trump’s younger son’s claim that his “father built the skyline of New York City.”

Although Donald Trump is associated with the ownership or management of several buildings that adorn the New York City skyline, some of these structures, such as Trump Tower, were erected specifically for him, while others were previously constructed by other proprietors, with Trump later acquiring some degree of ownership or interest.

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In some instances, Trump's company might handle property management, without necessarily owning or building the buildings themselves.

Despite the presence of several properties, the aforementioned buildings fail to constitute a significant portion of the Empire City skyline or feature its most recognizable elements.

Internet trolled Eric Trump for his uncorroborated claim about his father’s contribution to NY skyline

Detractors of the former president were quick to point out his second son’s unverified assertions on X.


One X user said, "Lying is in the Trump DNA."


Another user remarked, "Poor baby."


Another user wrote, "The crazy idea that the trumps believe they can just set the reality with words".


One X user quipped, "This trump is dumber than his Dad!"


Another user claimed, "The Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building, the old PanAm Building, CitiCorp, and the WTC are the most recognizable buildings. I think Trump has one that is recognizable on the West Side. Trump Tower isn't tall enough to be that noticable. Add to this if I missed any."


Finally, this user tweeted, "Grandiose delusion runs in the Trump clan."


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